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I know you all need a good laugh before bed. After all, theres nothing like a half naked protestor to kick off a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Say whaaa?

Take a Parisian brand known for it’s feminine, gentle and soft aesthetic. Take a Ukrainian feminist group proudly protesting the sexualization of models in fashion on a destructive anti-fashion facade. Take the bizarro words “fashion dictaterror” and “models don’t go to brothel” slabbed in ink on stomachs and bare breasts. How’s that for a catwalk show?

The FEMEN feminist group breached security and had their asses hauled off the Nina Ricci SS’14 runway in Paris within a mere 45 seconds, but not without screaming ramblings of fashion fascism and potentially assaulting a model.

What a bunch of ruthless idiots – decrying sexualization on their naked torsos. The extremity of the fashion world shows it’s limits as most guests ultimately could have even thought it was an amplified part of the catwalk show. Until 5 seconds later when they are like okay, what the fuck.






FEMEN has since said that they wanted to sabotage the fashion show in a campaign against fashion as ‘one of the main outposts of the sex industry.’ Okay girls, not much of a sabotage as these models are slightly phased and the show must and will go on. However, thank you for the entertainment FEMEN.

[images c/o various websites]

x Courtney

Whoa dude. Whoa.

Suspenders, white leopard, Amor body jewellery, leather, all black and varsity jackets. The Suka Clothing SS’14 collection spoke to me – “BUY ME, BUY ALL OF ME“. Or perhaps that was the little clothing-addicted-devil on my shoulder.

Alisha Schick for Suka Clothing is a local ready-to-wear designer and designs in-house for Bamboo Ballroom. Schick’s collection on Wednesday at Western Canada Fashion Week successfully surpassed it’s hype. The feminine silhouettes and edgy details like shoulder and waist cutouts, thigh high tights and body jewellery showed us the epitome of cool. The colour palette Shick used was subdued and left our focus on the aesthetic details such as her fine tuned tailoring skills.

Without a doubt, I died for every single piece and every model was effortlessly bad-ass. Please friends, have a little look-sy for yourself. 

suka6 suka5 suka4 suka3 suka2 suka1 9951887753_7eeb788feb_c suak7 9951758865_aef835e7db_c 9951783266_cf12f1614c_c

I told you I wasn’t kidding. 

Suka Clothing is sold at Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte Avenue (8206-104 street).

Of course, I forgot my Canon on collection night. [images c/o flickr/, photography by June Nino Chua]

x Courtney

September is an exhausting fashion month. Between wrapping up an overloaded trip to NYC, then participating in our second Edmonton Fashion Blogger Wardrobe Sale a few days after my arrival home; now it’s on to Western Canada Fashion Week. Just when I think rest MUST be in store,  it’s time to pack up for a trip south to our friends in Calgary for the PARK LUXE fashion event on October 5.

In between the September fashion madness, there has been a specific show I was anticipating.  A fellow fashion blogger pal | vintage connoisseur | local designer Susanna Pearcey debuted her SS’14 collection at WCFW on Friday night.

We saw 10 consistent looks in total and each model oozed professionalism. The collection stemmed of loose fit dresses which fell below the knee, designed with structured lines and hems and a tasteful mixture of texture and prints throughout. I applaud Susanna’s consistency.

I was intrigued by the makeup and the soft curls in the hair was very on-point with the Great Gatsby. The dark lipstick added a shrill of boldness to the elegance of the sheer numbers that I loved so much.

IMG_5584 IMG_5585 IMG_5591 IMG_5592 IMG_5594 IMG_5596 IMG_5600 IMG_5605

It’s also always refreshing to see pieces that are actually wearable on the catwalk. Great job Suzie! Don’t forget me when you’re famous.

x Courtney

My mom and I are home after a bustling weekend in NYC. Millions of New Yorkers and tourists, thousands of yellow taxis, hundreds of street meat carts and at least ONE naked angel in Times Square.

Landing as the first day of NY Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) got underway, celebrities, models, editors and designers bombarded the city for a serious SS14 fashion frenzy. Which of these categories do my mom and I fall under? Clearly, we are celebrities.

I was excited to be in the city during such an important time; to relive the energy that I normally only live twice a year through live-stream video, re-grams on Instagram and designer & blogger updates online. But, THEN it happened. I found myself entering the heavily secured doors inside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week beside bloggers who have over 200K Instagram followers alone.

HOW? WHY? I was given the opportunity to experience a day in the life with only 80 other lucky fashionable fans. American Express teamed up with iconic handbag turned wearable apparel designer Rebecca Minkoff to produce a new way into the very VIP world of fashion week. A private party hosted by Kelly Osbourne with an up close look at the models fresh off the SS14 runway, a live interview with Rebecca and a solid performance by Janelle Monae to close out the show.

SHUTUP. Seriously. This happened. Someone pinch me.


POSE. Going in. IMG_5240Inside the doors of MBFW.IMG_5236A fashionable crowd waiting to enter the Rebecca Minkoff runway show. IMG_5242Myself, enjoying a BECK’s beer… still in shock. IMG_5321The host of our party and live-streamed by Kelly Osbourne. She is adorable.IMG_5281The models seconds after the SS14 show. Excuse my blurry photos. My excitement overtook me. I jumped in front of the runway. IMG_5287RM SS14 line had a blatant Latin American feel to it – embroidery and loads of colour and playful shades. We also saw bomber jackets, parachute dresses, sexy tomboy appeals and serious mesh patterns detailed in leather. IMG_5289IMG_5290Those boots? I die.IMG_5292IMG_5300IMG_5308The very humble and down to earth designer joined us for a up close and personal interview sesh with Kelly. We learned her love for those great tassel heels and picking one favourite look from her collection would be like picking a favourite child. IMG_5382Janelle Monae ROCKED it out. Her performance for the party was phenomenal. I felt slightly guilty for previously making fun of her on my blog. Forgive me Janelle?IMG_5334

IMG_5337 IMG_5343 IMG_5358



You must be wondering about my little white lie to Rebecca. I am still kicking myself. Rebecca had made it clear she wasn’t taking photos with fans. I knew my only way to her would be to jump on the runway to catch her on her way out of the party, so of course that’s what I did. I stopped her and let her know that I was part of the crew and we would need a photo together. SHE agreed. As I handed my camera to someone to catch the memorable shot of her and I…

…the camera died. True story. KARMA!

x Courtney

Well friends, it’s 28 days until my mom and I hit the Big Apple! New York, New York! Fashion week! Bright lights, yellow taxis and street meat!


Wait, have you heard this before? Yes, yes you have. Remember last February, one day before our NYFW trip and I went to pack my very expired passport. That moment where my mom wanted to kill me and I just wanted to cry. Okay, thats a lie – I cried… a lot. They call them blonde moments and I am always here to reassure you that these moments can and will occur even when you are not blonde.

Refresh your memory on my stupidity here:

Long, dramatic, ridiculous, unnecessary story short – we rebooked. We can’t be stopped! Now that my passport has taken priority, I wonder what else I will forget. As long as I don’t forget my mom, nothing else matters, except for maybe my Burberry walking shoes and my husbands credit card.

The countdown is on for fashion fun. Who’s coming?

x Courtney

Western Canada Fashion Week has been great – exhausting but great.

Nicole Campre was legit phenomenal. The Edmonton based designer strives to design for the modern woman – refined, elegant and the quality of Nicole’s garments prove she doesn’t mess around. To be honest, I was amped to get home after the show and load the pictures onto my Mac so I could look at them again – that says everything right there, doesn’t it?

Five lights lit the runway and all other venue lights fell dark – easily enough creating an eerie spotlight on each model. The crowd went silent. The models were plain with minimal makeup and straight hair tied back and that complimented the neutral pieces in her collection quite nicely. Garment hues ranged from beige to brown to matte golds and deep orange/reds to black. The asymmetrical cuts alone and the woven fabrics like bamboo and wool that draped to perfection were enough to make each piece a show stopper but added textures like quilted leather panelling did just enough to essentially put my jaw on the floor. Sarcasm? No.




















Nicole, you strive to design for the modern woman, I strive to add you (and lots of you) to my closet. Wait, that sounds weird.

x Courtney

It’s that time again folks – Western Canada Fashion Week is back showing Fall ’13 fashions from various designers calling Edmonton, Calgary and Grande Prairie home-base.

WCFW is fun, my girlfriend Kiki and I usually make a night out of it. The bar is always great, style watching is even better and this season, meeting some familiar Twitter faces has added that special touch of networking. Edmonton was hit with the blizzard from hell last week, shutting down major arteries and causing highway pile ups involving 300+, needless to say opening night for myself, was Day 3.


It’s predictable to expect not-so-typical musical performances and the opener didn’t fail to live up to that notion. PULSE opened the show with a skeleton cello and tribal drums the size of the sun, it lifted the mood of the crowd- we were ready to rock. Side note: their setup was pretty complicated to take down in order to get the show rolling quickly. Alas, still pretty cool.


Fashion fix anyone?

The celebrity showcase started the show and was highly entertaining. By celebrities, I mean local radio and news personalities. Rocking looks from Simons in WEM and Derks menswear, they all took to their new role quite comfortably. There may or may not have been someone “fishing” on stage. When the male models came out it was overly obvious the crowd was mostly women (excited women). My favourite look was a fitted, sleeveless black dress with a graphic print cut out down the front, worn by Ziyah Karmali.


Jacqueline Meyer, lingerie designer from Calgary, presented a line that confused me a little. Of course, there were some pretty and elegant looking pieces, soft pinks and creams with bows and lace; but there was also dominatrix style pieces that felt completely out of place, long satin prom-esque nightgowns and corsets that felt majorly outdated.




I am not a rare face and can be found frequently on 124th Street, which is why I was most anticipating the 124th Street showcase. Floc Boutique, TK Clothing and Purse ‘n Boots collabed for a one stop show. We saw geometric prints, floral and cargo pantsuits, mixes of faded Barbie pink and green florals, a suit strictly to be worn on acid and to my pleasure, sock buns.






Closing out the show was Cherry Chic designs. I appreciated the show stopper pieces like a cool, leather T, a short cut, high-collared coat and beautifully structured jackets.


BUT, I was disappointed to see the Golden Rule #2 of Fashion BROKEN: leggings.

Leggings are one thing on a runway but they are certainly another when they are see-through and worn with a shirt they should never be worn with. What is the rule my fashion loving friends? ALWAYS COVER THE BUTT AND FRONT.

IMG_3773Stay tuned for my coverage of WCFW Day 4. Neon hair, cowboys and aliens – enough said?

x Courtney

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