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For those of you living under a rock, PARK [Promoting Artists + Redefining Kulture] is an organization born in Calgary, that creates opportunities and events to exhibit art, fashion design and creative culture that lives within Canada.


Park Luxe is the fashion production created by the masterminds behind PARK. I have to give it up for these girls – with over 600 guests, a set list of 7 designers showing their collections and in-house art exhibits, bars and appetizers… can we please have a round of applause for the PARK team?

The annual fashion show, held this time at Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary was worth the 523km that I travelled round trip to attend.

It was a tough crowd for the ladies. Imagine over 300 woman breaking out their best furs, pumps and most beloved Chanels. The men were handsome and dapper as shit in bow ties and their best suits.  Everyone looked on point – we aren’t talking NYFW here, where bloggers and guests dress to be photographed, we are talking one hell of a good looking crowd.

Mind you, with every grandioso production, shit can and will go south. The bar – or lack there of was unfortunate. The line up was hot, long and confusing. Leave it up to one asshole who ignored the last seating call, jolting down the catwalk with drinks in hand, dodging models and laughing up a storm. The crowd seemed particularly amused- I however was not. Idiot.

Nicole Campre, Anne B. Accessories, Malorie Urbanovitch, Tanya Taylor, Lauren Bagliore, Paul Hardy and Laura Siegel featured their collections down what seemed like a mile long catwalk. Unfortunately, my memory card filled itself halfway during the production, but I did manage to capture my hometown gals, Nicole and Malorie. Malorie, I die for every. single. knit that went down that catwalk.

It’s legit. Spark Science Centre literally dropped the ‘S’ for PARK. 9007505Swa-a-a-a-a-g.

IMG_6000Myself & Vincent Law Binzento Vincente | image c/o katrinaolson.caSONY DSCNicole Campre | Edmonton IMG_5670 IMG_5675 IMG_5677 IMG_5682 IMG_5694 IMG_5695

IMG_5699Malorie Urbanovitch | EdmontonIMG_6001 IMG_5748 IMG_5757

IMG_5758Tanya Taylor | NYC IMG_5793 IMG_5795

With every event, there are always new connections and friends made. It was a fun experience to check out the exclusively fashionable scene in Calgary for a change. For more photos, check out PARK’s Art Director’s site, Katrina Olson-Mottahed |

x Courtney

My mom and I are home after a bustling weekend in NYC. Millions of New Yorkers and tourists, thousands of yellow taxis, hundreds of street meat carts and at least ONE naked angel in Times Square.

Landing as the first day of NY Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) got underway, celebrities, models, editors and designers bombarded the city for a serious SS14 fashion frenzy. Which of these categories do my mom and I fall under? Clearly, we are celebrities.

I was excited to be in the city during such an important time; to relive the energy that I normally only live twice a year through live-stream video, re-grams on Instagram and designer & blogger updates online. But, THEN it happened. I found myself entering the heavily secured doors inside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week beside bloggers who have over 200K Instagram followers alone.

HOW? WHY? I was given the opportunity to experience a day in the life with only 80 other lucky fashionable fans. American Express teamed up with iconic handbag turned wearable apparel designer Rebecca Minkoff to produce a new way into the very VIP world of fashion week. A private party hosted by Kelly Osbourne with an up close look at the models fresh off the SS14 runway, a live interview with Rebecca and a solid performance by Janelle Monae to close out the show.

SHUTUP. Seriously. This happened. Someone pinch me.


POSE. Going in. IMG_5240Inside the doors of MBFW.IMG_5236A fashionable crowd waiting to enter the Rebecca Minkoff runway show. IMG_5242Myself, enjoying a BECK’s beer… still in shock. IMG_5321The host of our party and live-streamed by Kelly Osbourne. She is adorable.IMG_5281The models seconds after the SS14 show. Excuse my blurry photos. My excitement overtook me. I jumped in front of the runway. IMG_5287RM SS14 line had a blatant Latin American feel to it – embroidery and loads of colour and playful shades. We also saw bomber jackets, parachute dresses, sexy tomboy appeals and serious mesh patterns detailed in leather. IMG_5289IMG_5290Those boots? I die.IMG_5292IMG_5300IMG_5308The very humble and down to earth designer joined us for a up close and personal interview sesh with Kelly. We learned her love for those great tassel heels and picking one favourite look from her collection would be like picking a favourite child. IMG_5382Janelle Monae ROCKED it out. Her performance for the party was phenomenal. I felt slightly guilty for previously making fun of her on my blog. Forgive me Janelle?IMG_5334

IMG_5337 IMG_5343 IMG_5358



You must be wondering about my little white lie to Rebecca. I am still kicking myself. Rebecca had made it clear she wasn’t taking photos with fans. I knew my only way to her would be to jump on the runway to catch her on her way out of the party, so of course that’s what I did. I stopped her and let her know that I was part of the crew and we would need a photo together. SHE agreed. As I handed my camera to someone to catch the memorable shot of her and I…

…the camera died. True story. KARMA!

x Courtney

It’s not everyday you get to hang with fashion celebs – and I don’t just mean you Vickie.

Lisa Tant, VP Fashion Editor for Holt Renfrew visited Edmonton on a 3 city tour to present the Fall ’13 fashion trends that we are all secretly dying to break out. I, not so secretively… guys I am full fledged ready for summer to take a hike so that I can break out suede boots and faux fur.

Lisa chose a pink and red print Lida Biday fitted dress and black pumps to guide us through next seasons on-trend fashions. Five key fashionable trends each with a runway, street style and model look. Lisa refined that street style truly is the new way of fashion today – with thousands of style bloggers erupting in the industry this couldn’t be more true.

Lisa & myself. An honor as she is someone I have admired x.

A fashionable crowd. Susanna of A Clean Well Lit Style Blog, Danielle Fuechtmann and Vickie of AdventuresinFashion x.IMG_5111

TREND #1 – BLACK, WHITE & RED. Pops of bold reds bring out life in your basic blacks, try it in a great leather moto jacket x. IMG_5118 x.IMG_5120x. IMG_5122 x.IMG_5123

TREND #2 – PRETTY IN PUNK. Studs, plaids and anything grunge chic x.IMG_5125x. IMG_5126x.IMG_5132x.IMG_5129

TREND #3 – COAT CHECK. Statement coats are huge! COLOUR and TEXTURE x.IMG_5137x. IMG_5140TREND #4 – PRINT MASTERS. Noone does an outrageous print better than Missoni x. IMG_5148 x.IMG_5150

x.IMG_5153x.IMG_5155TREND #5 – FUR FRENZY. Real, fake and recycled fur is all the rage. Lisa suggests experimenting with polka dots and stripes x.IMG_5159Edmonton blogger gals & Lisa Tant x. IMG_5171I love the fact that this woman adores leopard anything as much as i do x.IMG_5168

Fall is by far my favorite season. Is it any wonder why? What are you looking forward to rocking most this upcoming season?

x Courtney


Hi friends. What better way to transition into Fall (admit it, the end of summer is near!) then have a close up look into the upcoming FW13 trends, presented by a Canadian editorial icon of mine, Lisa Tant. I am predicting seeing looks conducive of beautiful greens, statement jackets and maybe even a slouchy beanie or two.

Lisa Tant is currently the VP Fashion Editor of Holt Renfrew, after leaving her legacy behind as the EIC at Flare Magazine.  Anyone who knows me, knows that it is my DREAM to one day rock the title Editor in Chief – ideally founding my own magazine – but I’ll take the EIC title happily for an established brand any day. Stay tuned for photos and Lisa’s personalized looks for Fall.

Who’s coming?

x Courtney

It’s Tuesday. I am still recovering from my Sunday morning hangover.

As much as I should blame myself, I am going to happily place the blame on the crew at MadeinEDMTN for throwing a fashionable red carpet event at Skybridge City Centre. The soul and funk inspired party took me into my happy place, my Hennessy happy place. I am now well aware that exists.

So, what did MadeinEDMTN bring to the table for the big event? Wild, soulful, hip-shaking entertainment, including Blair Junior from BowerYEG. I danced even though my feet were on fire in my JC Litas. Impeccable, delicious catering from The Melting Pot served by beautiful butlers. We came after we ate dinner. I ate another dinner and didn’t even feel bad about it. There were five bars – each station sponsored by different brands of liquor to cater to all. We spent too much a lot of time at the Hennessy bar. A Hennessy mojito is now my new summer drink, thanks guys.

Side Note: In preparing for many, many drinks and a night on the town with my husband, the Canon stayed home where it belonged. Bear in mind, unfortunately my shitty IPhone pictures do not do this event any justice.

photo11 Still early and a fashionable crowd filling in fast x.

photo8 Fashionable folks. MadeinEDMTN’s Jessica Clark, Andrea Katie & Reid Gillis x.

photo3There it is, the Hennessy mojito – that shrimp & salad was divine x.

photo6 Our friendly server and my husband enjoying h’ordeuvres from The Melting Pot x.

photo7 Soulful entertainment. Cher Jamison rocked it out and had me dancing to R-E-S-P-E-C-T x.

photo4Hey, look this way guys! The MadeinEDMTN crew x.

Not to mention, on our way out I had a hilarious impromptu photo shoot on the red carpet with MadeinEDMTN’s Jessica Clark. Looking forward to seeing those photos. Or am I?

I have read the tweets that the gift bags were fantastic, including fashionable cufflinks for the men. The mojitos must have gotten to me, I forgot to grab mine. If you didn’t make it to this event, make sure you check out the next one. You know how to throw one badass party MadeinEDMTN, proving how unique Edmonton really is. Until next time…

x Courtney

My Filosophy is a contemporary, cutting edge boutique with two locations in Edmonton. Last night, they held their 5th High Fashion Fundraiser in conjunction with The Stollery Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser was held at a refined hotel, The Matrix, in hopes to raise more than their previous $100,000 for the children’s hospital. It’s always a rewarding feeling supporting your favourite causes and charities isn’t it? This was my second fashion show for The Stollery in less than two months. I hold the hospital dear to my heart as my son as been there more than enough and they have always been nothing short of amazing.

The night was great. The doors opened early and drinks were flowing to set the mood. The crowd was dressed to the nines and it simply was a night to ‘dress to impress‘. The fundraiser included two fashion shows – one held by My Filosophy and the other by Canadian designer Joeffer Caoc. Our eyes were pleased and so were our ears with music and entertainment provided by world renowned violinist Sophie Serafino. This girl killed it on the violin and not only does she make impeccably beautiful music, but she looks graceful and radiant doing it – maybe it’s the stunning red hair? Throw in silent and live auction items, raffle draws and endless champs, wine and appies and this makes for one satisfying, sophisticated evening.


Global’s Shane Jones & Tannis Davidson x.


drinks anyone? x.

intermission appies – or ‘supper’ as Kiki and I call it x.

world renowned violinist Sophie Serafino killing it on stage x.


fall fashion from MyFilosophy x.





Feels great to support a wonderful cause AND attend a fabulous party.

x Courtney

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