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I love nothing more than a good ol’ collaboration. Collaboration screams limited edition.

Last year the shelves in my office were happily adorned with a psychedelic bear and elephant courtesy of the Missoni x Holt Renfrew collaboration. This year it’s looking to be my hands and fingers warmed stylishly by the upcoming Movember inspired team-up between British designer Paul Smith x Holt Renfrew.

If you love stripes, you love Paul Smith. If you love moustaches and all the wonderful men in your life, you love Movember.

Supporting a prostate near you never looked so good. These mitts are designed to represent the iconic stripes Paul Smith is known for.

Straight from the press release, ‘Legendary Design. Worldwide Exclusive. Limited Edition. $50. Charitable Giving. Only available in Canada at Holt Renfrew.’ Couldn’t have said it better myself… Okay I probably could have.
_DSC8278 copy_DSC8251 copy

Paul, why no toddler sizes? These mitts would look adorable on my kid- but not to fret, I’m sure they’ll fit my hands just fine. I am going to reserve mine tomorrow, but they go officially on sale October 15 at any Holt Renfrew or HR2 near you. Stripes for the win this winter.

x Courtney

I know you all need a good laugh before bed. After all, theres nothing like a half naked protestor to kick off a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Say whaaa?

Take a Parisian brand known for it’s feminine, gentle and soft aesthetic. Take a Ukrainian feminist group proudly protesting the sexualization of models in fashion on a destructive anti-fashion facade. Take the bizarro words “fashion dictaterror” and “models don’t go to brothel” slabbed in ink on stomachs and bare breasts. How’s that for a catwalk show?

The FEMEN feminist group breached security and had their asses hauled off the Nina Ricci SS’14 runway in Paris within a mere 45 seconds, but not without screaming ramblings of fashion fascism and potentially assaulting a model.

What a bunch of ruthless idiots – decrying sexualization on their naked torsos. The extremity of the fashion world shows it’s limits as most guests ultimately could have even thought it was an amplified part of the catwalk show. Until 5 seconds later when they are like okay, what the fuck.






FEMEN has since said that they wanted to sabotage the fashion show in a campaign against fashion as ‘one of the main outposts of the sex industry.’ Okay girls, not much of a sabotage as these models are slightly phased and the show must and will go on. However, thank you for the entertainment FEMEN.

[images c/o various websites]

x Courtney

I just started following Cara Delevingne on Instagram and have become slightly obsessed with her. Big name cosmetic companies have actually lost out on ‘eyebrow tweezer’ sales since she became a fashion model phenomenon over the last year. She could potentially become an all time favoured model of mine and that brings us to this shoot.

When I randomly stumbled across this editorial of Cara smooching a miniature god (we all know him, Karl Lagerfeld) – I was excited to see her as a crusader and muse for Uncle Karl. Of course, I am a little bias.

They teamed up to shoot Karl’s collection for ‘Melissa’, which was then featured in Melissa’s in-house publication. This came to life not long after Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Gareth Pugh recently finished collaborating with the Brazilian label. KL designed 4 classic shoe styles and one even dawned a sparkly ice cream cone on the heel. Why? Why not – he’s Karl Lagerfeld.









Now, where can I find that knit Karl doll?

Sadly, as it is late in the season for an ice cream cone heel, you can bet that strappy pair of Melissa Melissima flats will never stray far from being considered current. EENY, MEENY, MINEY, MO. 

[images c/o various websites,]

x Courtney

It’s not everyday you get to hang with fashion celebs – and I don’t just mean you Vickie.

Lisa Tant, VP Fashion Editor for Holt Renfrew visited Edmonton on a 3 city tour to present the Fall ’13 fashion trends that we are all secretly dying to break out. I, not so secretively… guys I am full fledged ready for summer to take a hike so that I can break out suede boots and faux fur.

Lisa chose a pink and red print Lida Biday fitted dress and black pumps to guide us through next seasons on-trend fashions. Five key fashionable trends each with a runway, street style and model look. Lisa refined that street style truly is the new way of fashion today – with thousands of style bloggers erupting in the industry this couldn’t be more true.

Lisa & myself. An honor as she is someone I have admired x.

A fashionable crowd. Susanna of A Clean Well Lit Style Blog, Danielle Fuechtmann and Vickie of AdventuresinFashion x.IMG_5111

TREND #1 – BLACK, WHITE & RED. Pops of bold reds bring out life in your basic blacks, try it in a great leather moto jacket x. IMG_5118 x.IMG_5120x. IMG_5122 x.IMG_5123

TREND #2 – PRETTY IN PUNK. Studs, plaids and anything grunge chic x.IMG_5125x. IMG_5126x.IMG_5132x.IMG_5129

TREND #3 – COAT CHECK. Statement coats are huge! COLOUR and TEXTURE x.IMG_5137x. IMG_5140TREND #4 – PRINT MASTERS. Noone does an outrageous print better than Missoni x. IMG_5148 x.IMG_5150

x.IMG_5153x.IMG_5155TREND #5 – FUR FRENZY. Real, fake and recycled fur is all the rage. Lisa suggests experimenting with polka dots and stripes x.IMG_5159Edmonton blogger gals & Lisa Tant x. IMG_5171I love the fact that this woman adores leopard anything as much as i do x.IMG_5168

Fall is by far my favorite season. Is it any wonder why? What are you looking forward to rocking most this upcoming season?

x Courtney

Canada always seems to be a little slower to catch up to the rest of the globe when it comes to our physical access to fashionable worldwide brands. With luxury department stores like Nordstrom planned to open in select canadian locations in 2014 (Toronto, your mom didn’t teach you how to share) and now thanks to the rich bastards at Hudson’s Bay Company, their buyout of Saks Fifth Avenue deems news of yet another glorious department store to grace our Canadian presence in the future. Hip hip hooray.

While I am impatiently waiting for these retailers to open their doors, luckily in the meantime we have Holt Renfrew already at our fingertips – literally – and their increase in brand inventory lately is exciting enough in itself, unfortunately not always the case with our YEG location, but who’s complaining. Last week, I was ecstatic with the news that BOY London is hitting select HR locations. It looks like a cowtown road trip is in my future.

BOY London is a brand that refers to themselves as “often imitated, never duplicated”. It’s true. At one point, being the LABEL of an ERAahem, the 80s – those who could get BOY snatched it, those who couldn’t, imitated it. Huge demand crumbled the brand but after an endless legacy, BOY was relaunched in 2007. That’s when we fell in love. The totem pole / BOY logo is simple but always boldly apparent. Its also a rare thing to find a marketable brand that makes a lot of unisex pieces.

I happen to dislike online shopping and have to force myself time after time in order to land a great item, but having to guess at the fit of a garment has never been my shot of whiskey cup of tea.

Oddly enough, My BOY leggings from ASOS fit like a glove… how badass are these. Go away hot, humid days- I want to rock these out.


A little more UK in Canada never hurt anybody. Welcome to Canada, incredibly soft and uber cool leggings.

x Courtney

Hey there. Long time! Some may say paper wizards “writers” can suffer from this thing called writers block. That’s an excuse for their absence to putting thoughts into logical and intriguing sentences and stories. I call mine Ryker’s block. Have you met him?

Ryker is my son. He’s weeks shy of 18 months old and I am positive their is a maximum security prison somewhere named after him. He’s just a child, can I blame him for my lack of posts? Yes, yes I can.

I was browsing through my usual daily fashion news and came across Karl Lagerfeld’s face on someones leg. Karl Lagerfeld might be my hero but even with that I wouldn’t accept anything less than $1,000,000 – fine, $100,000 – to tattoo his face on my body. Turns out that they are actually tights. If Karl Lagerfeld isn’t for you, how about Jean Paul Gaultier or Kate Moss with a mustache! The temporary portraits by UNUS x Buggy are fun and you can find them on UNUS, an online shop specializing in Japanese leg-ware. Not my typical online shopping hangout.







If having a temporary portrait on your leg doesn’t appease you, they have some other slightly less in-yo-face designs that can add a bit of cool for a wild night out, how about lightning bolts or zombies? You can check the rest out here:

In other random news, Kanye is officially collaborating on a design collection with French house A.P.C. The collection apparently features a hoodie, jeans and a t-shirt. Is this a joke? I wish. I would expect blanged up, sequinned denim and perhaps a hoodie made of gold and leather since this idiot’s style is nothing near simple. It’s all very confusing as A.P.C. has brand characteristics of clean lines and a very minimalistic approach.

Kanye’s debut collection bombed in 2010 at PFW. Dude… your irrelevant in the fashion world, your only fan is Kim K and maybe now that baby of yours too, South Central.


I’MMMMMMMMMMMM BACKK!! Have a great week you good-looking readers, you.

x Courtney

Insert Billy Idol – It’s a nice day for a white black wedding.

It’s uber typical and also obviously tradition for a blushing bride to wear white on her wedding day – you know, because all brides are pure. Are they really? But, last week Canadian Shanae Grimes (from 90210) recently made heads turn and eyeballs pop when she walked down the aisle in a black wedding gown. Clearly, wearing Vera Wang.

We have seen more and more boredom with white gowns over the last few years and more brides incorporating red, purple or opting for solid blushing pinks or creams but choosing a solid black gown typically reminds people of sorrow and even mourning – not exactly the best way to start off your new life together. Unless, of course your parents hate your fiance, then, it probably fits.

I like the idea of a black wedding gown, its original and old traditions seem to be fading. Black is worn less at funerals now and more at weddings. It is a rich and dramatic colour. However, Shanae’s gown was awful. Ugly. Tacky. Prom dress-esque. The low cut halter is severely outdated and the tulle bottom looks faded, cheap and depressing. We can mock Shanae for her awful choice of gown but we can only really blame Vera, why? Just why.

Shanae looks classy with her cigarette.


Because I do like the idea of a black wedding gown, I knew that there had to be some exquisite and beautifully designed ones out there. It’s too late for myself, but if you ever want to be a stand out bride, try something similar to one of these.

Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress Back









[images c/o,]

Okay seriously, this kind of makes me want to get married all over again.

x Courtney

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