Naked protestors crash Nina Ricci

I know you all need a good laugh before bed. After all, theres nothing like a half naked protestor to kick off a runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Say whaaa?

Take a Parisian brand known for it’s feminine, gentle and soft aesthetic. Take a Ukrainian feminist group proudly protesting the sexualization of models in fashion on a destructive anti-fashion facade. Take the bizarro words “fashion dictaterror” and “models don’t go to brothel” slabbed in ink on stomachs and bare breasts. How’s that for a catwalk show?

The FEMEN feminist group breached security and had their asses hauled off the Nina Ricci SS’14 runway in Paris within a mere 45 seconds, but not without screaming ramblings of fashion fascism and potentially assaulting a model.

What a bunch of ruthless idiots – decrying sexualization on their naked torsos. The extremity of the fashion world shows it’s limits as most guests ultimately could have even thought it was an amplified part of the catwalk show. Until 5 seconds later when they are like okay, what the fuck.






FEMEN has since said that they wanted to sabotage the fashion show in a campaign against fashion as ‘one of the main outposts of the sex industry.’ Okay girls, not much of a sabotage as these models are slightly phased and the show must and will go on. However, thank you for the entertainment FEMEN.

[images c/o various websites]

x Courtney


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