NYC Garment District

Welcome to the Garment District of New York City, the hub of internationally renowned fashion designer showrooms. The buildings are old and their elevators are a claustrophobic nightmare. I am not a buyer for a reputable fashion brand, so the rare opportunity to browse and buy some showrooms at buyers price – for those of you who don’t know, that’s about 3 times less than what we pay in stores – was a happy experience for closet collections, bank accounts and a good hit in the memory bank for my mom and I.

IMG_5191IMG_3125It’s buyers territory, I get it. I don’t have many photos and in some showrooms I was unable to take any photos.

Our first stop was Sondra Roberts. The designer was not in, but her assistant liked the fact that I was Canadian and let me purchase a sample handbag. Fact – no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t drop the EH?  The gold zipper and camouflage tote I left with was just used for shooting in the October issue of InStyle magazine. It’s now used for holding all of my crap and Ryker’s snacks.IMG_5182IMG_3126It was at the KAS private sample sale that I held the door open for RHOMiami’s Lea Black. She’s worth about $65 million so I guess it was okay that she was as cold as ice. RAWR.IMG_5192IMG_5195The sequinned shorts were incredible and unfortunately completely unavailable. Can’t I have them off the mannequin?IMG_3131White leather and black stitch details. That dress though!IMG_3128Linda Richards is a luxury designer who works with fur, a lot. I indulged in a grey knit Racoon-collar vest. Sorry, not sorry.

Other stops included the Johnny WAS showroom, Kal Reiman and costume jewellery factory Grinnelle Designs. Johnny WAS is a LA based company, making it easy to understand where their boho influence stems from. Kal Rieman’s showroom was loaded with whimsical dresses and caftans. Grinnelle was our last stop and we ultimately saved the best for last – their designers are the masterminds behind the jewellery for brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. We walked away with Swarovski rings and bangles for next to nothing.

SURPRISE! It’s Nigel Barker owning the streets of NYC. I snapped this pic of Nigel in the Fashion District. He is looking good as always.IMG_5501

x Courtney

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  1. Val franklin said:

    Your right we got fantastic deals and the tour was awesome

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