Fashion Photos – Cara Delevigne for Lagerfeld

I just started following Cara Delevingne on Instagram and have become slightly obsessed with her. Big name cosmetic companies have actually lost out on ‘eyebrow tweezer’ sales since she became a fashion model phenomenon over the last year. She could potentially become an all time favoured model of mine and that brings us to this shoot.

When I randomly stumbled across this editorial of Cara smooching a miniature god (we all know him, Karl Lagerfeld) – I was excited to see her as a crusader and muse for Uncle Karl. Of course, I am a little bias.

They teamed up to shoot Karl’s collection for ‘Melissa’, which was then featured in Melissa’s in-house publication. This came to life not long after Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Gareth Pugh recently finished collaborating with the Brazilian label. KL designed 4 classic shoe styles and one even dawned a sparkly ice cream cone on the heel. Why? Why not – he’s Karl Lagerfeld.









Now, where can I find that knit Karl doll?

Sadly, as it is late in the season for an ice cream cone heel, you can bet that strappy pair of Melissa Melissima flats will never stray far from being considered current. EENY, MEENY, MINEY, MO. 

[images c/o various websites,]

x Courtney


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