Dirty GrillZ

Celebrity grills.  Why is this happening? Gold and diamond encrusted grillZ are only sort of cool if your Flavor Flav and if it happens to be 1983.

I hope that none of you are eating right now.

Madonna x.

20130828-220115.jpg I am not sure what is worse, the vein or the grill. At 55, Madonna is still pretending she isn’t aging. Please retire “M-dawg”.

Katy Perry x.


RAWR. Yes! VERY scary indeed Katy.

Kelis x.


Kelis’ grillZ match her skin. And her hair. I don’t get it.

Chris Brown x.

20130828-224026.jpgNot sure why I included Chris, I don’t think anyone expects anything better from this Rihanna woman beater. DURRR!

Rihanna x. speak of the devil

20130828-224821.jpgA gun? Of all things. Classy. Wash yo’ mouth out!

Brooke Hogan x.




So it turns out money can buy you love; AND mouth and gum disease. HOPE tha BLING is worth it guys.

I am officially convinced to make my own grillZ and snap a photo. Stay tuned on my instagram for the reveal: frankiilynn

x Courtney


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