BOY London @ Holt Renfrew

Canada always seems to be a little slower to catch up to the rest of the globe when it comes to our physical access to fashionable worldwide brands. With luxury department stores like Nordstrom planned to open in select canadian locations in 2014 (Toronto, your mom didn’t teach you how to share) and now thanks to the rich bastards at Hudson’s Bay Company, their buyout of Saks Fifth Avenue deems news of yet another glorious department store to grace our Canadian presence in the future. Hip hip hooray.

While I am impatiently waiting for these retailers to open their doors, luckily in the meantime we have Holt Renfrew already at our fingertips – literally – and their increase in brand inventory lately is exciting enough in itself, unfortunately not always the case with our YEG location, but who’s complaining. Last week, I was ecstatic with the news that BOY London is hitting select HR locations. It looks like a cowtown road trip is in my future.

BOY London is a brand that refers to themselves as “often imitated, never duplicated”. It’s true. At one point, being the LABEL of an ERAahem, the 80s – those who could get BOY snatched it, those who couldn’t, imitated it. Huge demand crumbled the brand but after an endless legacy, BOY was relaunched in 2007. That’s when we fell in love. The totem pole / BOY logo is simple but always boldly apparent. Its also a rare thing to find a marketable brand that makes a lot of unisex pieces.

I happen to dislike online shopping and have to force myself time after time in order to land a great item, but having to guess at the fit of a garment has never been my shot of whiskey cup of tea.

Oddly enough, My BOY leggings from ASOS fit like a glove… how badass are these. Go away hot, humid days- I want to rock these out.


A little more UK in Canada never hurt anybody. Welcome to Canada, incredibly soft and uber cool leggings.

x Courtney


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