New York – Round deux

Well friends, it’s 28 days until my mom and I hit the Big Apple! New York, New York! Fashion week! Bright lights, yellow taxis and street meat!


Wait, have you heard this before? Yes, yes you have. Remember last February, one day before our NYFW trip and I went to pack my very expired passport. That moment where my mom wanted to kill me and I just wanted to cry. Okay, thats a lie – I cried… a lot. They call them blonde moments and I am always here to reassure you that these moments can and will occur even when you are not blonde.

Refresh your memory on my stupidity here:

Long, dramatic, ridiculous, unnecessary story short – we rebooked. We can’t be stopped! Now that my passport has taken priority, I wonder what else I will forget. As long as I don’t forget my mom, nothing else matters, except for maybe my Burberry walking shoes and my husbands credit card.

The countdown is on for fashion fun. Who’s coming?

x Courtney

  1. Don’t even worry! It will be fabulous!! I hope you gals have a great trip!

    • Thanks doll! Xoxo it will be a great time. Prepping early this round… Lol

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