What’s In A Name?

So, what is in a name? Especially a celebrity name. Well, if it’s Hilton, West, Lohan or Olsen it means the ability to add the title fashion designer to their resume without ever having studied fashion – undoubtedly using their famous name to “develop a fashion line”.

Now I bet you’re expecting me to come down hard on these celebrities for cashing in on their popularity and sticking their names on clothing lines. After all, they hire designers and ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ their concepts. They have very little involvement besides some modeling, promotion, and keeping guests waiting for personal appearances and runway shows. Shit, I forgot the most important thing… collecting their paycheques.

Most people understand that brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Halston, McQueen and Balenciaga are designed by others. They have to be: these designers have been dead for years. But the creative brains who take these brands over have wallowed in their expertise for years; lived and breathed the industry, some even working with the icons themselves.

So you’re right folks. I am coming down on these idiot celebrities – would you expect any different?Stick to what you know Britney… lip synching and bad acting. It’s one thing to take credit for the way your stylist dresses you but it’s quite another to be a fashion designer.

Where do I start.

Lindsay Lohan – Artistic Advisor for Ungaro

She may have launched her own 6126 line of fashion leggings in 2008, but it appears that Ungaro jumped the gun in thinking that meant Lindsay Lohan was capable of serving as an “artistic advisor.”

Lindsay’s spring collection with the label started out as a joke and ended in tears. It was deemed disastrous, cheesy and outdated but who was surprised? Nothing like sending heart-shaped nipple pasties down a Paris runway. fuckyourdumb.


Heidi Montag – Heidiwood

Coming to bargain bins near you: Heidi’s short-lived Anchor Blue collection was just as tacky and cheap as the “designer” herself. Is it any wonder it didn’t last?

Jean-Paul Aussenard

Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton

Launched in 2007, Paris’ line of dresses, jeans and t-shirts often sported an image of herself on them. While she didn’t actually “design” design them, she did spend a year submitting her personal Facebook and scrapbook photos and approving those designs that would bear her name.

Paris’ checklist: terrible singer, lame boyfriends, famous mostly for on-camera pouting, and excessively eager to merchandise herself regardless of actual quality, CHECK!


Rihanna – Rihanna for River Island

See previous rant here: https://thebuttonupblog.com/2013/02/18/rihanna-for-river-island-lfw/


Madonna – Material Girl

Just retire already.

Kanye West – Kanye West, Kanye for A.P.C.,

This isn’t the first time I’ve made fun of Kanye and it probably won’t be the last. His recent collaboration with A.P.C. consisted of said plain white t-shirts, devoid of any imagery, bedazzling or special characteristics and priced at $120 each. Those fuckers sold out virtually instantaneously after going on sale online. These idiots even crashed their official site. Why? A terrifying display of how consumers are truly under a spell of celebrity worship. However, even with his sellout-in-minutes success, Kanye is still totally irrelevant in the fashion world.


Jessica Simpson – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson may have made a 1 billion dollar empire with her successful clothing lines, but her dresses and staples are far too tuttie fruttie for me.


On a less hateful note, there are a select few celebrities who have proven that their passion for designer duds can translate into successful clothing brands.

Gwen Stefani – L.A.M.B

Known for her unique sense of style and previously being a fashion icon as lead for the band, No Doubt, the launch of L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) in 2004, reflects Stefani’s flirty rock and roll style which we are so familiar with, in her music.

nyf lamb 110210

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – The Row, Elizabeth & James

These fashionable twins added to their growing empire with the introduction of their high fashion label, The Row. They also found a following for their second fashion line, Elizabeth and James, named after their younger sister and brother. Then again remind yourself that with their success, they have been accused of ripping off lines such like Rick Owens and being absent through production.


Nicole Richie – House of Harlow 1960, Winter Kate

Some of my fashion friends may not agree with me on this one. Fair enough. I follow NR on Instagram and she has become one of my all time style icons. Forget the trash you saw on the Simple Life – she has transformed into a bohemian chic goddess. I have made plenty of room for Nicole’s House of Harlow 1960 accessories line and the Winter Kate collection in my closet.


Fashion A-listers, professors, editors and critics have publicly frowned upon celebrity fashion lines and collaborations, defending the notion that they are consistently taking the spotlight from fresh and young fashion creators who’ve worked their asses off and deserve to be recognized. What do you think? More local, less Kanye.

[images c/o fabsugar.com,starstyle.com, nicolenews.com, various sources]

x Courtney

  1. I agree almost completely! My one disagreement is with Jessica Simpson’s line, while I don’t like all of her things, I find she does have a few pieces per season that I like, and her line (especially her jeans) fit me perfectly.

    • Okay fine Danielle, you got me there. I have to admit I own two pairs of her shoes. LOL. 😉

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