Tattoo Tights & Kanye

Hey there. Long time! Some may say paper wizards “writers” can suffer from this thing called writers block. That’s an excuse for their absence to putting thoughts into logical and intriguing sentences and stories. I call mine Ryker’s block. Have you met him?

Ryker is my son. He’s weeks shy of 18 months old and I am positive their is a maximum security prison somewhere named after him. He’s just a child, can I blame him for my lack of posts? Yes, yes I can.

I was browsing through my usual daily fashion news and came across Karl Lagerfeld’s face on someones leg. Karl Lagerfeld might be my hero but even with that I wouldn’t accept anything less than $1,000,000 – fine, $100,000 – to tattoo his face on my body. Turns out that they are actually tights. If Karl Lagerfeld isn’t for you, how about Jean Paul Gaultier or Kate Moss with a mustache! The temporary portraits by UNUS x Buggy are fun and you can find them on UNUS, an online shop specializing in Japanese leg-ware. Not my typical online shopping hangout.







If having a temporary portrait on your leg doesn’t appease you, they have some other slightly less in-yo-face designs that can add a bit of cool for a wild night out, how about lightning bolts or zombies? You can check the rest out here:

In other random news, Kanye is officially collaborating on a design collection with French house A.P.C. The collection apparently features a hoodie, jeans and a t-shirt. Is this a joke? I wish. I would expect blanged up, sequinned denim and perhaps a hoodie made of gold and leather since this idiot’s style is nothing near simple. It’s all very confusing as A.P.C. has brand characteristics of clean lines and a very minimalistic approach.

Kanye’s debut collection bombed in 2010 at PFW. Dude… your irrelevant in the fashion world, your only fan is Kim K and maybe now that baby of yours too, South Central.


I’MMMMMMMMMMMM BACKK!! Have a great week you good-looking readers, you.

x Courtney


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