MadeinEDMTN – Skybridge

It’s Tuesday. I am still recovering from my Sunday morning hangover.

As much as I should blame myself, I am going to happily place the blame on the crew at MadeinEDMTN for throwing a fashionable red carpet event at Skybridge City Centre. The soul and funk inspired party took me into my happy place, my Hennessy happy place. I am now well aware that exists.

So, what did MadeinEDMTN bring to the table for the big event? Wild, soulful, hip-shaking entertainment, including Blair Junior from BowerYEG. I danced even though my feet were on fire in my JC Litas. Impeccable, delicious catering from The Melting Pot served by beautiful butlers. We came after we ate dinner. I ate another dinner and didn’t even feel bad about it. There were five bars – each station sponsored by different brands of liquor to cater to all. We spent too much a lot of time at the Hennessy bar. A Hennessy mojito is now my new summer drink, thanks guys.

Side Note: In preparing for many, many drinks and a night on the town with my husband, the Canon stayed home where it belonged. Bear in mind, unfortunately my shitty IPhone pictures do not do this event any justice.

photo11 Still early and a fashionable crowd filling in fast x.

photo8 Fashionable folks. MadeinEDMTN’s Jessica Clark, Andrea Katie & Reid Gillis x.

photo3There it is, the Hennessy mojito – that shrimp & salad was divine x.

photo6 Our friendly server and my husband enjoying h’ordeuvres from The Melting Pot x.

photo7 Soulful entertainment. Cher Jamison rocked it out and had me dancing to R-E-S-P-E-C-T x.

photo4Hey, look this way guys! The MadeinEDMTN crew x.

Not to mention, on our way out I had a hilarious impromptu photo shoot on the red carpet with MadeinEDMTN’s Jessica Clark. Looking forward to seeing those photos. Or am I?

I have read the tweets that the gift bags were fantastic, including fashionable cufflinks for the men. The mojitos must have gotten to me, I forgot to grab mine. If you didn’t make it to this event, make sure you check out the next one. You know how to throw one badass party MadeinEDMTN, proving how unique Edmonton really is. Until next time…

x Courtney


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