Black Wedding Gowns

Insert Billy Idol – It’s a nice day for a white black wedding.

It’s uber typical and also obviously tradition for a blushing bride to wear white on her wedding day – you know, because all brides are pure. Are they really? But, last week Canadian Shanae Grimes (from 90210) recently made heads turn and eyeballs pop when she walked down the aisle in a black wedding gown. Clearly, wearing Vera Wang.

We have seen more and more boredom with white gowns over the last few years and more brides incorporating red, purple or opting for solid blushing pinks or creams but choosing a solid black gown typically reminds people of sorrow and even mourning – not exactly the best way to start off your new life together. Unless, of course your parents hate your fiance, then, it probably fits.

I like the idea of a black wedding gown, its original and old traditions seem to be fading. Black is worn less at funerals now and more at weddings. It is a rich and dramatic colour. However, Shanae’s gown was awful. Ugly. Tacky. Prom dress-esque. The low cut halter is severely outdated and the tulle bottom looks faded, cheap and depressing. We can mock Shanae for her awful choice of gown but we can only really blame Vera, why? Just why.

Shanae looks classy with her cigarette.


Because I do like the idea of a black wedding gown, I knew that there had to be some exquisite and beautifully designed ones out there. It’s too late for myself, but if you ever want to be a stand out bride, try something similar to one of these.

Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress Back









[images c/o,]

Okay seriously, this kind of makes me want to get married all over again.

x Courtney

  1. Love the first and the last ones! I did have a black sash on when I got married 🙂 It was fun to bring something off white into the wedding!

  2. A black sash is a great way to add some fun into your gown! 🙂 xx

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