Binns & Olympia Construe PUNK

I’ve written about Tom Binns before – he is an extravagant in-yo-face jewellery designer based out of the Big Apple and he defines what’s known as bad-ass jewellery. Bad-ass legitimately meaning; you could literally hurt yourself on this shit. Safety pins, sharp skulls, daggers, razorblades and yes, even profanities make up the aesthetic of each collection. Tom Binns caught my attention back in 2009, when I decided to design a faux advertisement for Tom Binns to present to my Advertising class. You know I included it in this article for your laughing pleasure.


Anyway, back to the real important news. English designer Charlotte Dellal of Charlotte Olympia and Tom Binns joined fashionable forces and created a capsule collection in occasion of “Punk: Chaos to Couture”, the exhibition organized by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which will open on May 9. It runs until August 14 which means I am just missing the opportunity to check it out.

Side note: My darling mother and I cancelled our NYFW trip (the day before – SORRY) last February because I forgot to renew my expired passport. We have rebooked for this September. Un-expired passport: check.

The capsule collection includes some iconic creations by the english designer, like the Dolly platform pumps, Pandora perspex clutch and those Kitty flats that we are all obsessed with. Tom Binns added his own unique touch using safety pins and neon details, which are some of my favourite trademarks of his.pandorasaftypingold2_copy

x.Charlotte Olympia X Tom Binns for Punk Met Dolly Riot silver


Charlotte Olympia X Tom Binns for Punk Met Anarchy Kitty flats green


Charlotte Olympia X Tom Binns for Punk Met Punk Pandora clutch black

The good news folks? We can all embrace that punk rocker inside of us, even if it’s just for an evening. Every piece is available on now. Go, go go!

[images c/o]

x Courtney


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