No Wonder We Can’t Find Kanye

UGH. Don’t hate me for starting your glorious long weekend off with this.

When you think she can’t get any worse, she actually cuts off her own circulation and stuffs her bloated, swollen feet into Givenchy. Kim K is nearing her July due date and STILL has yet to succumb to the comfort of pregnancy. That looks painful, so painful and gross, so gross.


Swelling is a given in pregnancy, especially nearing the end of your term. Good lord woman, throw on some flip flops and give those hoofs a break – toenails could use a trim too. x.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Lunches With Her Mom

Clearly she is not ashamed x. c/o Kim K instagram


Now that I have spoiled your lunch, grab yourself a delicious beverage and embrace the long weekend. Stay safe friends. Party on.

[images c/o]

x Courtney

  1. Miranda said:

    That is soo eff’ed! Kinda hilarious how stupid she is being about the whole comfort/fashion while pregnant!
    Ps. Love your blog, read it every time you come up with some new witty fashionable piece!

    From you’re fellow Target Canada (especially wem) lover 🙂

    • What a nice comment. Thank you Miranda, I am glad that you find my rants humorous. I haven’t been to WEM Target, but I will have to check it out!! Kim Kartrashian is always stupid. 😉 Have an awesome day. xx

  2. Kissin' Cussin' said:

    Reminds me of those sausage makers where the fleshy meat goes in the top and out comes fat stuffy little sausages!!

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