Target = Bullseye

Well, it’s finally here folks. Target Canada has arrived. Thousands of Canadians and frequent-US-travelling-Target-lovers were anticipating this addition to Canadian retail since it was announced over two years ago. I am one of them.

Nothing goes off without a hitch. Canadians complain, many being disappointed with Targets selection and prices. It’s annoying. No, not Target. YOU, you complainers. Opening week, I hit the St. Albert location 4 times. Yes, 4. With each visit, the selection dwindled and sizes were few and farther in between, but unless you were there at least some point on opening day, what did you expect? It’s kind of like your favourite band… if you don’t call TicketMaster at 10AM sharp – that shit gets sold out.

I got some serious summer items and not one of them was more expensive than $24.99. Were the “complainers” disappointed because the ALREADY cheap prices weren’t cheap enough for them? Rest assured, there should be more noticeable markdowns and sales when the official Grand Opening is held at the end of May – WITH restocked inventory. Remind yourself, their prices are on par with Walmart and Superstore and Target is way cooler.

I do, however agree that empty shelves on opening day is unacceptable. Re-strategize how you visually merchandise if you are low on product.

Alas, I am a satisfied customer. With each visit I always came out with something that I was super excited about and hardly waited in line.

IMG_4155Striped maxi dress x. $24.99

Mint crossover bag x. $24.99

Neon orange flat sandals x. $19.99

IMG_4168Yellow zipper blazer x. $24.99

Burnt orange fringe crossover bag x. $24.99

Black & gold flat sandals x. $19.99



What are your thoughts? Did Target fail miserably in meeting your expectations OR are you a supporter like moi? I wonder if those “complainers” will still be unsatisfied when (okay, IF) a MAJOR collaboration is announced. You can stay home when it’s debuted, I will go collect the goodies.

x Courtney

  1. Isn’t Target just AMAZING?!? I go there about once a week and am obsessed with thier designer collaborations. I’m glad you’re able to shop there now.

  2. Val franklin said:

    Love this……you should be a blogger for Target

  3. Kissin' Cussin' said:

    Super Cute – Super Star Shopper!! We went within the first week and after parking half way across the city because there were no parking spots we were disappointed. The clothing racks were pretty much empty, the shelves were a mess and very limited sizes. And the line ups, don’t get me started…. there is nothing that I want to buy that would make me stand in a line up that long!!! On the plus side OMG the home furnishing and decorating section!!! things I’ve never seen in this city and dirt cheap!! Loved loved loved it. They definitely opened here before they had the stock to support an opening week rampage. Haven’t gone back again but will definitely do so.

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