Formichetti for Diesel

Whenever rumors break of the departure of a director or impressionable member of any fashion house, the next question is always where their next fashionable mark will take place.

I first learned of Nicola Formichetti when I transcribed an interview in 2010 for Hint Magazine. He had just detonated fashion headlines with a recent decision to use not-so-typical, full-bodied tattooed Canadian model Rick Genest as the face of Mugler. Have you seen this guy!? Worms and bugs, radioactive symbols and skeleton bones cover his entire upper body. He certainly proves that fashion IS forward. His appearance overtly peaked interest in Muglers collection. Indifferent and brilliant.


BUT, back to the new news. Nicola Formichetti is obviously an innovator and sets himself apart from the other fashion pricks with his demiurgic and original, controversial ideas. We can’t give all the credit to the collections he premiered for MUGLER, because before that, he was ranked the most influential stylist in the world – rejecting the term – and in no small part because of the enormous volume of his fashion magazine work (Japanese Vogue). Basically people, he is my hero.


So, he leaves his role of Artistic Director for French fashion house Mugler – a two year stitch – to join forces where? DIESEL. Yes, you read me right. Urban, overly commercialized brand Diesel. How does a hyper modern innovator take over creative control of a brand on the other end of the spectrum? Perhaps, the brand needs a fresh breathe of air to attract a new audience. Perhaps, Formichetti can really bring an energy to the brand. Perhaps, the young mind will change Diesel from everything we know – to everything that keeps us guessing.

With this surprising new direction, it proves to critics and fashion freaks the sincerity of Formichetti’s un-want to become a fashion elitist. After all, he has mostly laid low as a “behind the scenes” fashion director and editor until his influential role for the Avant Garde house, Mugler.

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x Courtney


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