The HUNTER Wellingtons’ Story

Edmonton weather is certainly bi-polar. It snows, it melts, it rains, it rains, it snows, it melts – meaning serious flooding and competitive puddle jumping. I knew my little man needed the proper gear for his first season of boisterous splashing. A Saturday stop into Westcoast Kids and he’s got himself a pair of gum boots legit worthy of war!

I bought commander Ryker a pair of HUNTER Wellingtons and as the fire-engine red booties rang in at $63.85, it became clear I could have been at Walmart spending 9 bucks on a pair. Thanks especially to my dad for pointing that out.


So, what is it exactly that sets these rubber boots apart from other rubber boots?

The story behind the HUNTER Wellington boot is that they are the king of all rubber boots. Like, the Patron of all tequilas, the filet mignon of all steaks, the Louis Vuitton of all handbags.

HW boots originated in Scotland many, many years ago and with a recent collaboration with Jimmy Choo to make a limited edition crocodile print boot in 2011 ($395), the British brand has further extended it’s reach to Canada and the USA. The HW boots have become essential, especially in rainy cities we love like, Vancouver. They have become a house name for keeping those pedicured feet dry, alas, still looking cool. Okay, sort of cool. Okay, as cool as rubber boots can be.


Interestingly enough, HW boots have been around since the first and second World War, since adding a plethora of new colors and styles. During WWI, the company was asked to construct a sturdy boot to step up to the heinous conditions in flooded trenches for soldiers. By the end of WWII, there was demand for vast quantities and millions were already in production. The HUNTER Wellington became the object of envy – especially by the Germans during their fight. They’re feet were wet. Really wet.

My little puddle jumper needs a pair of dependable and dry boots, so after HWs’ dependability to contribute to the British Army’s success in the war… I figure it’s fair game for Ryker. Those puddles don’t stand a chance!

How’s that for an explanation on the price, husband? x


Side note: Splish splashing took place in our living room today (no pants included). Clearly, another downer weather day for Edmonton.

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x Courtney

  1. Hilda Brown said:

    Great job Courtney. Cute pic of Ryker. I want some Wellies too!

    • Hilda, I want some too!! Somehow, Ryker seems to get all of the cool things now and I get the shaft. šŸ˜‰ thank you so much!!

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