Britney Spears = Space Cadet

OOPS! She did it again.

Well friends, after 10 years of popping pills, loser dancer baby daddies, shaved heads, drunken 24 hour marriages and a stint on X-factor – it’s confirmed: Britney Spears is STILL a space cadet.

For someone like Brit, it’s easy to go to the Oscars. No nominations = no pressure. Step 1: Look fabulous. Step 2: Show off new brunette ‘do. Step 3: Have a ball – not that kind Brit. Unfortunately, the new brunette look didn’t fool anyway, she is still very dumb.

“Who are you wearing Brit!? You look fabulous!” “Versace”, giggles.

WRONG! Idiot.

She was in fact wearing Michael Cinco Couture. Clearly, she is aging and to be fair, I appreciate the brunette look (I myself, have been taken to the dark side). This girl needs whatever she can take.


At least her boobies stayed in.

[image c/o]

x Courtney

  1. Sofie said:

    Hahah well she does look like she’s doing better – not as trashy.

  2. Thanks for the post! I had a good laugh! Oh Brittney! I wish there was an eye roll shortcut!

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