Mary Katrantzou – LFW

This is one of those collections where I get to be nice.

I love to review Mary Katrantzou – some may call her ‘digitally distortive’, I may call her the ‘Queen of digital’. And no shit, she is ever deserving of the royal role – never shy to embrace flame blown, stained glass and acid trip prints easily reminiscent of the impeccable work of McQueen.

Getting her start at LFW in just 2009, it’s no secret that this chick has an incredibly recognizable style. Scenic prints, funky – geometric shapes, bizarre silhouettes and colours for days. Katrantzou may be predictable in the sense that you always prepare yourself for the in-yo-face prints, but predictable doesn’t mean she doesn’t leave us always wanting more.

Wait, or does she? Last season I was undoubtedly disappointed with the ‘unflattering four-figure dresses’. In other words, who the hell wants to spend $3000 on a dress that makes them look fat. Fit is key, no matter how stoned the print makes you look feel. However, God teaches us to forgive and just when you think the ‘Queen of digital’ cant push the limits any further, another line is shown.

The AW ’13 line presented a series of structural dresses and coats – and the Eastern influence was obvious. Katrantzou used an origami technique for folds and pleating and she never fails with her choice of prints – we saw digital eery landscapes. Originality at it’s finest.

The colour palette may have been metallic but it was particularly subdued – colour flecked it’s way throughout in purples, blues, emerald and orange and the black on black effect was perfection done with rich leathers and sexy satins.

The perfectly seamed shapes made up for the lack of colour. Of course, it wouldn’t be dramatic without some cocoon shaped dresses which fell irrelevant on the models bodies – but the simple pieces fell flattering on each model, making the line compellingly feminine.

I have a weird obsession with necklines. They were perfection throughout.

digital landscapes x.










origami folds and pleats x.










black on black x.

mary-katrantzou-rtw-fw2013-runway-24_144234993946 mary-katrantzou-rtw-fw2013-runway-23_144233838649 mary-katrantzou-rtw-fw2013-runway-22_144232887168

Mary, you never fail me. I love you. Dress, please?

[images c/o]

x Courtney


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