Bad Grammy Style

The Grammys. Boring. I don’t typically do reviews on award show style, I certainly do not watch them – I can not put myself through four hours of mindless celebrity speeches.  However, sifting through the best & worst dressed lists, I noticed that the number of beautifully striking looks worn were obviously overtaken by horrendous, what-the-fuck-was-she-thinking looks. I wouldn’t be doing theBUTTONUPblog justice if I didn’t say something about these.

The good. The bad. The really, really bad. Here goes nothin’.


I follow Rihanna on Instagram. Usually her uploaded pictures are of her blazing up doobies, exhaling marijuana smoke and racy pictures that are almost too sexy for anyone under the age of 18. But, her bad-ass aura has fizzled away like her last joint. I was shocked at how simply gorgeous she looks, but NOT shocked she wasn’t wearing a bra.  x.


Kelly Rowland is simply stunning. Enough said. x.



Janelle Monae has taken the menswear inspired suit way too far. Really, she just needs a red cape and she is full on matador. Where’s the bullshit? I mean, besides her outfit. x.


 JLO is past her prime to be barely baring her pantyline – two children and a boyfriend young enough to be her third child place in her the ‘PUT IT AWAY‘ category. x.


Nothing like standing out in a crowd. In this case, a crowd of typical black gowns or overtly sexual dresses. I am fairly certain that Kimbra is channeling Tinkerbell. x.


Is it summer already? Alexa Chung = boring. zzzzzzzzz. x.


Beyonce made the best dressed list. For what? She did change up the A-typical by wearing a shorter pant and asymmetrical top which happens to be figure-flattering but this look is not exciting. It’s better suited for a dinner date not a Grammy award show. Nice try though. x.



A red-headed dinosaur. That says it all. I am terrified. x.


And the award for looking like a gigantic table cloth goes to: Adele! x.


Amber Rose is placed in the ‘fuck they’re dumb’ category simply for that disgusting accessory on her arm x.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Agree, or don’t. Have a great week.

[images c/o various websites]

x Courtney

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  1. I completely agree!!! Kelly Roland is stunning! I also agree that JLO, needs to try something different, I think she’s been there, done that!

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