Haute Travels – Or Not

[BLOG] draft 1.0 Tuesday 2:15pm

It’s almost here. It’s almost travel time. Two half-ass sleeps until I board that plane, sweat a lot a little, drink whiskey before 9am, board another plane and land in the Big Apple. It’s come to that ever-challenging question, what the hell do I bring? Between stalking the big white NYFW tents, to Broadway musicals and fashion tours in the fashion district, to scarfing down haute dogs on the street, endless drinkies, routine trips to Kate Spade and lets try not forgetting that our accommodations – the Waldorf Astoria – have a dress code after 6pm.

No jeans after 6pm in the common areas? Knowing my mom and I, we will show up haggard past 6pm, rocking ripped jeans, leather jackets and messy hair from a shopping extravaganza on Madison Avenue only to find the servants entrance for waiting for us in the back of the Waldorf. Only us.

I hate packing. I always travel with too much, I never end up wearing half of it and I never end up having what I really need. In Layman’s terms, I suck. But, this trip is special and quite frankly important to me – and theBUTTONUPblog. Not only are my mom and I going to get wild in NYC, but with fashion week and the IFB blogger conference happening our first two days, the fashionable vibe in this city is going to be overwhelming. Perhaps, I should be professionally prepared.

Ipad. Iphone. Ipod. Check.
Zara leather biker jacket. Check.
DVF sweater dress. Check.
Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Check.
Zara spiked blazer. Check.
Marc Jacobs plum skinnies. Check.
Lauren Moshi T’s x4. Check.
Too many scarves. Check.
St. Tropez self tanning spray. Check.
Dry shampoo. Check.
Passport. Chhhhhheck?


….. And then, this happened. Truly, the worst shit possible.


[BLOG] draft 2.0 Tuesday 5:45pm

That’s right. An expired passport. With a marital name change, there’s no rushing this one. Trips off. My mom hates me. Okay, no she doesn’t – but I hate me.

Throughout this horrendous, traumatizing ordeal, I realized that when you dye your hair any colour other than blonde, it doesn’t take away the fact that blonde still lingers underneath. Yes, you’re still stupid. You still suck. Am I being too hard on myself? Probably. But man, am I pissed. See you next September, big, white Mercedes Benz tent.

Calgary is almost as cool as New York city, right?

x Courtney

  1. Val franklin said:

    That is such a funny blog…….but so true. September is just around the corner so whatch New York. I’m sure we wil get tickets to Kelly and Michael again. Lol

  2. anikatomislavova said:


  3. Oh my god, that sucks! I’m so sorry 😦

    • I know right! Luckily, the weather turned out to be horrendous. I don’t feel so bad. Rebooked for next September 🙂 xx

  4. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    Born in 1986 – Check. Typical Aries – Check. Twins – Check!!! 😉 Avril xXx

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