Fashion AND Babies

I wanted to take a different direction today as opposed to my usual fashion fixed rant.

Since I have started to publicly share my in-yo-face opinion and style thoughts with you last August, the support has been truly renowned. The increasing followers and readers from countries that I never knew existed prove that sarcasm really can be well-perceived. Seriously though, I’m you’re awesome. I started this blog to find myself again. Motherhood is one hell of a task. It fills your soul with an unexplainable joy and contentment but somewhere in the middle of it all, you begin to lose yourself. After all, your kid is way cooler than you and it’s all about them now.

So here it is – the more personal, important side of me. An introduction to what who it is that keeps me busy and refrains me from writing as much as my brain wants me too.

Meet Ryker. My one day away from being one year old little Burberry boy. My munchie man.


Cute hey?

Between him hiding our tv remotes and telephones, to pulling things out of drawers and a toy explosion every 5 hours, kissing and soothing the bumps and bruises, to pulling toilet paper off the roll and stepping on my toes while I rinse the dishes, to the 14 hours of endless babytv songs and lullabies, stopping for non-stop cuddles and kisses, then the reminiscents in the kitchen of a horrendous food fight after every snack and meal, to being climbed on and having my hair pulled as I try to finish every article on my iPad… it’s busy. Somewhere! Somewhere in there, I fit in time for a new blog update – and a shower.

x Courtney

  1. Amanda said:

    You are truely inspirational!

  2. I started my blog for similar reasons, to give me a creative break amongst the chaos . Although my story is a little different because I’m a step mum, but I’m totally hearin ya ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

  3. Val franklin said:

    You are a lucky girl to be “mom” to that beautiful Burberry baby boy

  4. What an amazing blog youยดve got. I was recommended to read it! One great recommendation. Like the pictures and clean look.

  5. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    Lock up your daughters!!! Avril xXx

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