Luggage Trials

As I mentioned, my mom and I are heading off to NYC. I’ve had the same bright bubblegum pink suitcase for the last 9 or 10 years. And yes, it looks like I’ve had it for 9 or 10 years. My previous monthly – sometimes weekly – trips between Edmonton and Vancouver, wild Vegas vacations and not-so wild trips to Ontario have made my suitcase go from bright and bubbly to terminally ill. Now it’s tiger striped with dirt, black rubber marks and God only knows what else.

Clearly, I am in the market for a new piece of travel luggage and not just because it is bubblegum pink. You would think the well-travelled appearance would push me to purchase a new one, but I have held out because I actually make a super sketchy flying partner. I cry, I shake, I always smell something burning and my eyes are shifty between the flight attendant and the window. Just thinking about buying luggage makes me anxious. But, the handle on the bubblegum wonder has conveniently annihilated itself. Unless I’m packing DVF and Marc Jacobs in Safeway bags, I have no choice but to face the luggage isle. Xanax anyone?

I’ve been searching online this AM. I wanted to share these designer luggage bags that I would happily face my fear to use over and over again.

Rebecca Minkoff skull stitch luggage x. $ 595


Balenciaga lambskin luggage x. $ 2465


Missoni x Brics luggage collab x. $ 590-900

Bric's "Missoni" Luggage

Marc by Marc Jacobs x. $ 498


Gucci Viaggio luggage x. $ don’t even think about it – holy shit expensive


We all know that airlines treat our luggage like their own personal garbage can. They throw our luggage into the oblivion that is airline cargo. Until my husband is a millionaire, I probably won’t be spending hefty, hard earned funds on something that I have no dire way of keeping clean or in tact. After all, my $125 bubble gum suitcase lasted 9 years and close to 60 flights.

Anyone who knows me, knows I will end up buying these.

Screen shot 2012-09-10 at 9.04.53 PM

Wish me luck! Please! Dear god pray for me. Flight leaves February 7 as soon as the sun rises. Thanks.

x Courtney

  1. Kendra C said:

    The thought of Rebecca Minkoff and skulls is too good to be true! LOVE!

    • I know right! Love that. This was on Gilt for like half the price a few wks ago. By the time I got on, it was sold out! Cry. Xx

  2. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    And anybody that knows me knows I would also end up with the leopard print! TWINNIES!!! Lol!! 😀 Avril xXx

    • LOVE us! xoxox. I actually ended up with a graphic print Nicole Miller NYC set! But we do love our leopard. xx 😉

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