Tickets Don’t Exist

This Just IN: My mama and I are heading to the Big Apple. It just so happens to be New York Fashion Week while we are there. (Totally lying, of course we planned it that way).

Fashion Week!! Exciting! Thrilling! Challenging… Buzzkill. I am a mommy to my son and a wife to my husband, but in the fashion world I am not far from a nobody. *Insert sob story here* I write an honest and un-cut blog about fashion. I am somewhat an unknown blogger trying to make a name for herself in a world surrounded by thousands of interns, marketers, stylists, bloggers, PR personnel, buyers, designers, photographers and editors. So, how does someone like me little ol’, in-your-face fashion blogger me, score a seat within the most elitist, exclusive fashion shows of the season?


First, I will need an invite. Interestingly enough, I haven’t received mine in the mail yet. You would probably think that somewhere there would be an opportunity to splurge on a ticket. Funny, I have never heard of Ticketmaster selling seats to any events under the white tents at Bryant Park. Well… that’s just it – they don’t. No one does. It’s impossible to splurge on a ticket. Tickets don’t exist!

Your skin will turn to glitter before you can buy your way in. Yes – a total over exaggeration, but not far off. While there have been talks about releasing limited tickets to the public to support designers with the overwhelming costs, fashion designers and industry Assholes A-listers took that offensively, viewing ticket sales as the demoralization of what once was an “exclusive” industry. Thankfully, not all hope is lost… there is a new strategy to allow us unknown fashion folk into the mighty white tents. American Express Black Gold Platinum super-awesome members are now given the chance a very limited chance to purchase seats in a box above the runway, a hidden box. Literally, it goes unnoticed and unseen by the invited guests, so yes you’re still unimportant.


Christian Siriano - Front Row - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Instead of myself – who would undoubtedly treasure the experience, various celebrities, their children and reality trash mostly known for their raunchy sex tapes notable trendsetting, will sit front row in front of numerous journalists and fashion buyers and will probably even be some of the first invited. Now, as the fashion world has been pushed to delinquent commercialization, NYFW does prove there is still an ounce of exclusivity left and this leaves aspects of the fashion world with restricted access only for the privileged – which doesn’t only include the people who’ve worked their asses off but also the ones born with silver spoons in their mouths.

With that being said since we are skipping out on NYFW, my mama and I will be just as pleased to roam Times Square, FAO Schwarz, Soho and the Garment District in Manhattan, Central Park, and definitely going to check out Kelly Ripa post-breakfast. Meanwhile, I will continue to rant about fashion and tell you my thoughts, hopefully you will continue to read them. In turn, I hope to one day soon own my own publication and be one of those choice invitees. I promise not to forget you when I am famous!

x Courtney

  1. Closet Strategy said:

    That’s hilarious! The “demoralization of an exclusive industry.” The only clients who can buy what they’re selling are, coincidentally, the only people who could afford what would likely be an exorbitant ticket cost. So, it’s not like they’d be letting in “outsiders.” It’s so silly. Thank goodness for WWD and all the fashion bloggers who make it possible for the rest of us to actually see the collections!

    • You said it sister. Or how about the charitable packages that they come up with for 30,000 per ticket. It’s outrageous. It’s always nice to see the collections online but it sure would be sensational seeing it in person. One day! Sigh. Lol. Xx

  2. I wish I could go to NYFW, maybe someday. Until then, I’ll just stalk those who do online.

  3. I have a huge smile on my face, I love the way you write)) Good luck in your travels and I’ll be waiting for the next post!)

    • Thank you for making my night! I stopped in on your site – you’re a beauty! Xx

  4. Val franklin said:

    That is so true and it’s about time someone said it!!!!! Send this to the fashion magazines and maybe a few designers,,,,,maybe they will get the hint…….there are many girls who save and save to buy their fashions and their money is just as good as
    those celebs who make sex tapes. Lol

      • I would take a rock off a New York city sidewalk!

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