A Hidden Gem – Blo Dry Bar

I first learned of Blo salons when I was living in Vancouver. At the time, the chain was just gaining popularity throughout North America. I never got the chance to check it out before I moved back to Edmonton but finally that has changed. Last June, Edmonton got blown away with it’s own Blo Dry Bar – thanks to owner, Tracey Neilsen and she invited me down to check it out.

Blo is a blow dry bar. It is almost as it seems – they shampoo, blow dry and style your hair, but somehow in a matter of an hour they make you feel like a million bucks while they are doing it. It must have been the great hair and all the laughs we had.

My appointment started off with a browse through the Blo-out menu which included 7 unique styles. Then of course, a shampoo and in the swivel chair, yep – a swivel sink chair. Throughout my many years of bleach and box dye I have spent my fair share of time in hair salon’s, first time I have sat in one of these.

Then, the blow dry and style. Each technique is different and a certification/ beauty diploma from Blo University is your only way to being the next Blo pro. These girls master the 7 blo-out styles offered.

What girl doesn’t love pink? It’s all in the small details for this salon. Pink hair straighteners, pink glass for the vanities and pink Christmas decorations. I felt lighter as soon as I walked in. Interestingly enough, I found out that the ultimate girly salon has seen more male clientele than you would assume.






There are only two salons in Edmonton that carry Morrocan Oil’s UNITE line. Exclusivity at it’s finest. x.






I went with the Holly Would style. Big, wavy and volumous x.


There are ALOT of reasons why you should go to Blo. Do you have a hot date? Are you a bride to-be? How about planning a stagette? Are you feeling lazy? Are you attending a wild party? What about a work function? Are you planning a girls birthday? Craving some hair pampering? I know you said yes to at least one of those – so go check it out.

S/O to Tracey for the invitation down! Thank you – Blo blew me away! Go get blown… 10158-109 Street.

x Courtney

  1. Eldon said:


  2. Eldon Franklin said:

    It looks great! E

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  3. Ohhh I wish there was a blo dry bar near my area. I’ve read about them before and it’s such a smart idea and so needed! I love your hair, it’s gorgeous.

    • Thanks my dear. I am surprised there isn’t one near you yet! Soon, I am sure. 🙂 xx

  4. Closet Strategy said:

    That’s gorgeous! I’ll take a blow dry over a mani/pedi any day. Yours turned out so well. Lucky you!

    • Thanks babe. It turned out great. Great relaxation time too. 😉 xx

  5. I used to live in Edmonton too! (Now in Vancouver)
    Loving that holly would look! So Victoria Secret hah 🙂

    • We switched! I used to live in Vancouver. I’d say you got the luckier end of the deal. Lol. The hair turned out fab. I got VS and Barbie comments. Lol. I enjoy your blog! Xx

  6. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    Your hair looks amazing doll! I love your blog so much! 😀 Avril xXx

    • It turned out great but in the end there was a shit load of hairspray tangles to deal with! Ughhhhhhh. Muah muah! feeling is mutual twinnie xx

  7. You look gorgeous! I’ve heard great things about Blo Bar, I love the little book of looks xx

    • Thank you!! It was a great experience. I’m coming to your hood in less than 2 weeks!! Xx

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