Overused Fashion Trends of 2012

It’s 2013. The best year of my life just ended, yet somehow I know that 2013 will top it! Happy New Year to all. The new year is usually the same start for everyone, we say we will make fresh new changes, new goals,  new ‘resolution’s as in the gym January 4-16, but there are some people that simply need to make a resolution to go lo-co on some of these overplayed and unfortunately overused fashion trends of the year. Maybe make a resolution not to wear your denim shirt to every occasion even if you are good at making a versatile look with it.

Oxblood. If I had a penny for every time I heard or read this colour term, maybe even on Twitter alone – I would be rich. Filthy rich. Oxblood is a very beautiful shade and a favourite jean of mine is a pair of oxblood Marc Jacobs, but this doesn’t mean I pair them with an oxblood vest over an oxblood T and an oxblood bag. Don’t forget the oxblood lined boots and manicure! Everyday! Too much oxblood, all of the time. Think about the ox’s.

How many times did I just say oxblood? See? Rich. Although, this photo is stunning but I am pretty sure no one looks like that.


Collars. Beaded collars. Lace collars. Stone collars. Skull collars. Velvet collars. Leather collars. Fur collars. Feather collars. Studded collars. Sequinned collars. Peter Pan collars. Pearl collars.


Meggings. What the hell are these? These are leggings for dudes. Meggings are pre-spring 2013 but even if just one person wore these in 2012, it counts as an overload. Seriously, a guy in leggings!


… Okay, see what I mean? Yes, that happened.

Onsies. These snuggly, warm, super comfortable, wish I could wear these all day pajama pieces shouldn’t be worn out of bed, but I wonder how many of you actually own one?


Drop Crotch. It looks just as nasty as it sounds. This has been referred to as the saggy diaper trend and with a description like that alone, it could be the most un-flattering article of clothing of all time. Somehow, celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Beiber couldn’t get enough. Fashion designers will stop at nothing to push the boundaries of fashion even if it means making people look like they have a big dump in their pants.

Damn! Her butt looks goo… maybe not.


Wearing high heels with socks. This combination truly mystifies me. I love a great sock and I love a great heel but in reality when they are paired together that’s when I start asking questions. Doesn’t the sock make the heel slippery on the inside? Wouldn’t your toes squish together at the bottom from the slippy-slidey pressure? This is what I think about. It’s painful.


Just in case you forgot what Meggings looked like …


Here’s to new trends, new jokes and Wang at Balenciaga. Here’s to 2013!

x Courtney

  1. Don’t hate but I actually own quite a few onsies 😉 They’re so comfty and warm and helps me lower my home’s thermostat without piling on the layers. I do think the oxblood craze is overdone now, time to move on.

    • Don’t worry, I own one too. Lol! Lets just keep them indoors 😉

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    Nobody needs to see a man in meggings. Nobody! Great post! Happy new year doll, I hope 2013 brings you joy and happiness! Avril xXx

    • You are so funny.. and right! Thanks my dear. Happy NY to you and yours! You’re fabulous xo

  3. Hah I love this. So on point. I have to flinch every time I see someone wearing saggy diaper pants. Just no.

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