Fashion Books – Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

My fashion library was spoiled this Christmas with the addition of some ultimate fashion icons to add to the top shelf. I like to refer to my fashion coffee table books as page turning gloriousness. Like other expensive, collectible books, these came packaged leaving every page inside a surprise and crisp to touch.

Let’s just get right to it – two McQueen’s, a Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs and a Fendi. Those are some serious luxury brands and McQueen still stands the test of time as a creative genius in my books. Get the pun?


Genius’ first. Alexander McQueen: A Savage Beauty. When I unwrapped this book on Christmas morning I wasn’t expecting a hologram chrome skull with my morning tea. The front cover exudes the drama that was Lee Alexander McQueen and I knew instantly this book would be completely inspirational because I hadn’t even opened it yet and it blew my leopard slippers off.

Exactly the face that I wanted to see Christmas morning.


A Savage Beauty may sound familiar to my fashion folk. This book is on paper, the extraordinary exhibit showcasing McQueen’s ingenius creations as ‘works of art’ held in 2011 at the infamous Metropolitan Museum of Art. An exhibit of pieces representing a freedom of expression.














This book is 300 pages of creative perfection. I could flip through this book endlessly and his designs masterpieces’ show sincere brilliance with thousands of key details – each a new discovery. Good job McQueen, you shaped a new generation of freedom of fashion. God speed.

x Courtney


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