Devil in the White House

Fashion is always political. The government isn’t always fashionable. Unless of course you’re talking about Michelle Obama, she is a First Lady style icon. Perhaps, the first of the First.

It seems apparent it is time to add another fashionable player to the ever-so-dramatic political game. With the re-election of Barack Obama – this ultimately means that new officials come into office including new ambassadors. An ambassador can be like a social engineer – an appointed social engineer. They develop, promote and maintain the United States’ relationship with their appointed country. By organizing visits, welcoming visitors, hosting cocktail parties… Have I bored you yet? The devil could soon wear Prada in the White House.

Anna Wintour is publicly cruel, small, known for her epitome of bitterness style and elegance and she is up for a top political spot as ambassador to France. This role isn’t for chumps – being ranked at number 1 in importance to the U.S government.

The brutally honest Vogue EIC has never been shy about supporting and fundraising for Barack Obama and perhaps thanks to that influential support – the Vogue editor is not only in the running for that ambassador title but ranking eerily high amongst her competitors. So, who is she up against? Try a Hollywood philanthropist, a White House decorator, the chief of the Tennis Channel, and an “industry money manager”. Wintour makes for a bitchy competitor – she always means business.

Wintour fits the bill – she’s passionate, socially inclined and one hell of a team player/fundraiser. Her efforts have previously raised over 5 million for campaign Obama, her Runway To Win campaign where she enlisted Marc Jacobs to design Obama dog collars and t-shirts raised 40 million and remember those cocktail parties that need hosting? Anna has hosted multiple 40K per head fundraising dinners, some of which Obama attended. These two love each other. And it’s pretty awesome.

Honestly, Anna Wintour can’t be the Editor in Chief of Vogue forever. It could be a good move for her to go out in style… out when she’s on top. Although a fashion free move as drastic as this she may not be capable of. I think it would add a surprisingly edgy twist to the political social circle.

x Courtney


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