Cheetah Lips

I never would have thought temporary tattoos would look cool and I certainly never thought I would want polka dot lips. But I do. I might even want glitter lips but ONLY for a few hours. Thats why these temporary lip tattoos are all the rage now. Thankfully we have moved on from the Chanel and LV temporary facial tattoos – read previous rant here.

Don’t envision those un appealing lip tattoos that people pull their bottom lip down to expose their veiny gums and a word that used to be cool, these lip tattoos are temporary and permanently awesome. Ahem! Really hoping to find these in my stocking.


x. Zebra Lips


x. Fishnet Lips


x. Glitter Lips


Don’t get me wrong, the rainbow lips and British flag lips are kind of ridiculous looking and the lips with designers on them fall back into my ‘idiocy/brand whore’ category. These can easily be pushed over the stupid edge – choose and wear wisely! Apparently, the patterned lips last up to 8 hours; making them the perfect head-turning accessory up until that midnight kiss on NYE.

x Courtney

  1. I’ve seen these at the stores and look pretty cool. I would want to wear one for a party, it’s different but unique.

  2. Val franklin said:

    Where do you get these cool temporary tattoos, if Santa were looking?

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