Wanging Out At Balenciaga

I’m back! Christmas times are hectic and attending fabulous parties is exhausting my friends. A mommy rest was needed. Back to the fashion news – forgive me?

Not only was November 5 National Donut day but it was also the day that the fashion headlines swarmed over Nicolas Ghesquiere’s decision to throw in the towel on his 15 year pitch with Balenciaga. After re-designing and re-shaping the avante-garde luxury brand, secrets and very public rumours were confirmed weeks after, over who would be exquisite, edgy and brilliant enough to fill the creative director shoes in the Parisian house.


Wang. Alexander Wang.

So there you have it, A-listers and insiders are still notably shocked and some are left confused and admittedly bothered. The dude known for cool, laid-back jersey t’s and casual fanny packs is filling shoes that some deem un-fillable. Unless, it’s time for the sophisticated and seasoned brand to consume an alter ego. A lazy one.

It’s not simply the fact that the slender, slouchy street-wear designer is somewhat a “baby” to the fashion world with his debut just 5 years ago but the obvious contradiction between both brands and their current identities. This news certainly has not been taken well being described as “sacreligious” and less “elitist” at the thought of Wang actually pushing the brand forward into the mainstream and contemporary market. Particularly, in China. Family connections, right?

Balenciaga Fall 2012 x.


Alexander Wang Fall 2012 x.


I enjoy Alexander Wang’s talent in producing effortlessly dark street-wear, bad-ass handbags and using strictly placed accents of bold leathers and geometric cut-outs. It’s a serious thought process to what women his age want to wear and typically, he’s bang on. So undoubtedly, Wang appeals to the ‘masses’ (kind of a hilarious sentence) – a fresher, younger crew of fashion comrades, which is not your ultra-typical Balenciaga customer. Being that the Balenciaga brand is high-end and exclusive, rejuvenation could probably include better price points and perhaps easier access to the brand (by putting it in stores everywhere). This is disappointing.

Perhaps Balenciaga will flourish with a fresh concept or perhaps the brand will become a great, big bore. Only time fashion week will tell the new direction of the brand with the debut of Wang’s first collection. I’m nervous for this guy.

x Courtney


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