Muse of Lagerfeld

It’s undeniable. I have this sick love for the biggest fashion prick genius around. It is no joke that Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most prolific fashion designers in the industry – being in that, the most creative and quite possibly the most brutally arrogant honest. Throughout all of his snark comments, disrespectful remarks and yes, hilarious in-your-face honesty, there is no denying throughout his career with Fendi and Chanel as creative director and lead designer, it’s hard to remember he called Adele ‘fat’ and Heidi Klum a ‘nobody in the fashion world’. Imagine being someone that KL found inspirational, in turn being a fashion mold for the black hearted, black sunglasses and motorcycle gloves wearing blockhead. Simply said, it would be an honour to be a part of his eccentric posse… Karl! Hey! Over here bud.

KL was never shy about revealing his fashion muses and it is no secret that most of them enjoyed substantial career boosts. It appears as the designer gets older, his groupies get younger. With a rise from relative obscurity to fashion world icons, it can’t be easy being KL’s muse. It’s said that throughout all of the photoshoots and appearances, they pay the price by being at his beckon call. I am fairly certain that being slathered in Chanel Haute Couture and having a closet full of it, might make it all worth while.

Karl Lagerfelds most notable fashion muses x.

x. Though many have come and gone, muse Kate Moss has remained close friends with KL.

x. Throughout her stints in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has partied all over the world with KL. Perhaps that’s what led to them.


x. Linda Evangelista has been a KL muse for decades, wonder if that had anything to do with her being one of the first supermodels.


x. British and Brazilian model Alice Dellal has serious edge – no surprise that she was the face of Chanel.


x. KL has referred to Blake Lively as an ‘American dream girl’ and made her the Chanel ambassador for the Mademoiselle handbag collection.


x. Diane Kruger refers to KL as her ‘stepfather’ and one of the most cultured people she knows.


x. Women don’t only rule the equation of seriously sexy KL entourages. Brad Kroenig was the focus for an entire book of Lagerfeld photographs (one of hundreds).


x. It didn’t take long for KL to dump Kroenig and add younger, French model Baptiste Giabiconi to his too-cool-for-you clan


The fashion world is as cliquey as the junior high down the street from us all. This is a social circle that caters lavish parties, exceptionally fashionable wardrobes and jet-setting habits. Where do I sign up? Wait, that kind of sounds like my social circle… Right girls? 

x Courtney

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  1. Eldon franklin said:

    I must say I really do enjoy a moment or 2 in the day when I receive your blog via email. Informs and relaxes with a twist of humour. Keep it up;)

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