A la Mode 101 – Modern Goth

My name is Courtney and I am suffering from spikes, studs and skulls dependence; perhaps not only myself but the population in surrounding areas, too. It’s cool to look hard this fall and the gothic trend is Wednesday Addams reminiscent turned bad-ass biker babe.

Stop! Don’t think nasty velour corsets and Twilight-esque crucifixes. Think thick, hard leather like armour, floor-length capes, open weave leather cuts resembling spider webs and strong layers in head-to-toe black. As much as we would all love to be as off the walls in head-to-toe leather seen in Jean Paul Gaultier or as effortlessly edgy like Yves Saint Laurent, rocking our inner goth may be slightly less extreme by restraining your heavy metal demons and only incorporating certain pieces into your look.

Gothic and grunge can be achieved all whilst looking feminine and classically cool.


Softening & Emphasizing x. Black leather can be softened when you pair it with a neutral colour, like a cream or gauzy coloured blouse, sheer would look cool too. Remember to choose an appropriate brassiere. Black leather can also easily be emphasized with a solid, bright pop of colour. This time of year all black can be complexion draining, adding touches of merlots, ox-bloods and emerald greens could be best in your favour. If you want to be daring by adding a print stick to asymmetrical zigzag shapes – Missoni inspired. Steering clear of prints like polka dots and florals will help you avoid the ultimate juxtaposition.

Leather Skirts x. Leather skirts are classic and potentially a very useful wardrobe staple. You can easily wear a leather skirt in your everyday wardrobe – if full leather is too much, try a piece with simple leather panelling. Harden the look by pairing it with tall black boots or keep the look dainty with a girly pair of flats.

Dark Lace x. Opting for black or dark lace is essentially glamour goth at it’s finest. Lace comes with a peek-a-boo allure and creates the mentality of pure sex appeal. The gothic trend is not just wearing dark clothing, it’s also feel of darkness and romance. If wearing a bodycon lace dress isn’t up your alley, you can try something simpler, like a defined lace collar, a great shoe or that perfect lacey clutch to complete your look.

Vampy Lips x. This modern goth trend is high impact. In other words it isn’t simply about what we are wearing, our makeup plays a big role in vamping up our look if we so choose. Lip colours are dark and sexy in burgundy and deep brown shades, but be careful those of you with fair skin tones – keep the eyeshadow simple, especially during the day. Otherwise, you could potentially scare people in the office away.

Sexy, Arm-Length Gloves x. I love to accessorize. Leather gloves can earn you key-detail points when creating your toned-down vamp ensemble. The longer, the better this season. Choosing a pair with jewel applique’s, zippers or metal spikes and studs prove to be directional and add just that touch of cool you need. I found a fabulous pair from Burberry Prorsum that are seriously bad-ass. Don’t piss me off when I am wearing a pair of these, okay?

Zara is my go-to for everything store. Currently, they carry a great assortment of goth-inspired pieces. Get in there! I just bought a great double-slit long black skirt. Can you picture it with chunky Litas? Remember, Halloween is over. Don’t take this edgy trend TOO far.

x Courtney

  1. I am digging this trend. I wear light makeup when rocking it for contrast!

  2. I’m love loving the dark lips. Usually I opt for light lips but its so fun feeling extra sexy πŸ˜‰

  3. Princess Heather Glam! said:

    love the lace!

  4. Stchd said:

    I love this trend, especially for winter πŸ™‚
    Love, Liz . Feel free to check out my DIY Fashion Blog πŸ™‚

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