Holt Renfrew – HR2

My twitter feed was filled with news of the Frankenstorm – that bitch named Sandy and a little something titled HR2 today.

Luxury Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew is shamelessly feeling the pressure to stay competitive and keep up their market edge by channeling in a new customer – stylish and frugal. With the recent revitalization of The Hudson’s Bay Company and the addition of always cool Target, it appears that the almost 200 year old company has conceptualized a new concept store to appeal to a broader less-rich but still stylish market. Unfortunately, price points and brands are yet to be revealed but the mid-price chain’s first stop… Montreal 2013. Edmontonians, perhaps we can expect an appearance somewhere near 2015. Shocker.


Can we expect a private HR2 line? I might be slightly more excited for Nordstrom’s ‘The Rack’ to appear in Calgary sometime in 2013. Why the painfully long wait fashion friends? Canadians have feelings too you know.

x Courtney


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