The Most Annoying Fashion Terms

I saw a tweet this week that got me thinking. It said “If you are sick of hearing the term ‘Arm Party’… retweet. So naturally, I retweet. Fashion articles and blog posts are fairly reliant on using a standard set of terms. Unfortunately, the lack of definition in fashion vocabulary is kind of depressing and pretty annoying. Spend a day reading fashion blogs and my friends, I assure you, you will see these exhausted fashion terms. Hey, I feel your pain.

Arm Party x. An arm full of funky, colourful bangles and bracelets might make us happy and certainly completes any everyday ensemble, but why is it always a party? Hey, I love a good arm decoration but ever thought that maybe your jewellery is feeling festive, having a get-together, a riot, a soiree, an old fashioned gathering, raving it up or attending a gala? Exactly.

Passion for Fashion x. It rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Perhaps that is why its used so often. Whatever the reason, if you do feel the need to use this one, how about declaring WHAT it is that you are passionate about within the fucked up world of fashion. Maybe that will set you apart from the millions others who have a ‘passion for fashion ‘. Just a thought.

Fashionista x. What exactly defines a ‘fashionista’? Do they love the industry as a whole or are they allowed to cherish only limited aspects of it. Maybe they only love accessories or could they be just footwear obsessed? I understand that there needs to be certain words to describe a fashionable woman who lives and breathes the industry but this is purely overused and overplayed. Next.

Chic x. This has to be the most exasperated adjective within the fashion industry. Admittedly, I probably have fallen victim to this one. Chic is a versatile word. Boho-chic, shabby-chic, geek-chic, we get it. Ever heard of swank, modern or dashing?

On Trend x. How about using the term ‘directional’.

Fierce x. I blame Tyra Banks! Damn you Tyra, damn you. Enough said.

So Hot Right Now x. What’s wrong with saying, ‘I like what you are wearing, it’s sought-after and exquisite’, or ‘this look is precisely on point this season’. So hot right now is so lame since yesterday, Paris.

Let me just add in one last term that really just confuses me but has nothing to do with fashion. Amazeballs. Okay, amazeballs. What in god’s good name does that mean? Amazing balls are great but can you not express your appreciation for a good piece of cake or that unique article of clothing without bringing balls into the equation? Please stop.

My Saturday rant is over. I thoroughly enjoy writing and I view the thesaurus as my writers bible. Happy weekend and be safe this Halloweenie weekend friends.

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x Courtney

  1. Arm candy/party was getting on my nerves and I admit I do use the word, Chic, a little too often but amazeballs? Ugh! I try using the thesaurus when I get stuck on word choices

    • Haha. Amazeballs… I know. So weird right. Like I said I’m guilty of using chic now and then, just wanted to point out there are thousands of other words to describe great clothing items πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment Danielle xx

  2. Love it! Haha. Fashionista is awful, what about a Maxxinista? Chic and Fierce is so un-chic to say, agreed! Kinda liking amazeballs though πŸ™‚

  3. Maxxinista? I don’t hear that one often enough! I figured amazeballs would be up for debate. πŸ˜‰ xx

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