A Hidden Gem – Crush ‘n Co.

Kiki is this girl in my life and she just so happens to be the glitz and glam queen. Turns out, she knew about this great hidden gem on the west end of Edmonton. It is somewhere to find cool jeans and sweaters, serious boots and shoes, um and HELLO – edgy jewellery and accessories. If you’re suffering from a spikes & studs addiction like myself, join the revolution of… ‘Crush ‘n Co.’ my friends.

The shop opened up just over a year ago and it’s unfortunate that I am just finding out about this modern and budget friendly place to thrive my shopping fashion addiction. Where have I been? Pregnancy is not an excuse! Most memorable – seriously, the energy from the staff is vivacious, it’s pure laughs and not to mention they have great style.

My recent haul. Is the red zipper on these boots NOT amazing?! They have them in black too. The selection of scarves is plentiful and the jewellery is countless with sets of neck pieces, earrings and bangles. I grabbed the orange Hermes’ looking bracelet. The colour is spot on. Also, the leggings made of bamboo could possibly make me feel as if I am not wearing pants. It’s great.

boots x.. $110
crown & skull scarf x. $30
bamboo leggings x. $30
bracelet x. $35

Anyone else been to Crush ‘n Co? Do your wardrobe and bank budget a favour… check it.

x Courtney


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