A la Mode 101 – Coloured Denim

Joan said:
October 12, 2012
5:27 pm

“What do I wear with the colored jeans? Do I let the jeans be the focus of attention or can I wear a top with some sizzle too? Please advise as I don’t want to look like I’m in a clown outfit.”

Thanks for your question Joan. The circus might be in Edmonton this weekend but don’t fret, you wont look like you’re part of the team. The answer is actually more simple than you would think, coloured jeans are cool and certainly aren’t meant to downplay the rest of your outfit. Coloured jeans are a great pop of colour but there is more than one way to complete your look.

x. Try coloured denim with a print. It may seem bold, but really it isn’t. Florals, stripes, polka dots or animal prints can all bring life to your look as long as your colours are jiving. Try to pull at least a hint of colour out of your top that you have on the bottom or vice versa.

x. Try colour blocking with coloured denim. Colour blocking is done when solid colours are paired together. Usually Joan, bolder or darker shades compliment each other well, as do lighter or pastel shades. Stay away from neons or you could look like a giant highlighter.

x. Pair coloured denim with a great jacket. It’s fall! It’s cold! What better time to stay seasonally appropriate and throw on a great jacket with your coloured bottoms. Leather is top notch this Fall, but don’t forget blazers or cardigans. A floral or animal print top (blouse or T) would look striking peeking out from behind your jacket of choice.

I’ve attached some images for your inspiration! Happy styling!

coloured denim paired with a print x.

colour blocking x.

coloured denim w/ blazer x.

x Courtney

  1. Joan said:

    What great advice! I especially love the colored jeans with the jacket. It’s a look that I could wear to the office on casual day, yet look put together. Thank you so much Courtney!

  2. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    I ADORE coloured denim! Great post as always Courtney! Avril xXx

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