Fashion Muse – Rachel Bilson

Everyone has a particular muse or more that they look to for style inspiration and influence. One of mine, besides the obvious Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, is Rachel Bilson.

C’mon, we all know her and love her – Summer Roberts from The O.C. and Zoe Hart from Hart of Dixie. Rachel has the ability to appear lovely and divine day to day and radiant and righteous on the red carpet. Without trying, she makes casual look super cool and kills any pair of boyfriend jeans she puts on. Blazers and boots, blazers and jeans. Long, elegant dresses and mini’s with booties. Thick scarves and oversized handbags. Ms. Bilson speaks my language.

I am not gonna lie, I really want to be her friend. Rach, friends on?!

20121009-225931.jpg x.



Who are your fashion muses?

x Courtney

  1. Sinful Stilettos - Avril Donohue said:

    She’s gorgeous, love her style! Avril xXx

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