Winterize My Baby

Clearly, I love Winter. It’s cozy, it’s fashionable and it’s inevitable. Don’t complain folks – embrace it. My son was born January 30th of last year so this year he is old enough to see the snow and recognize that it wasn’t there before. I do a lot of prepping – my husband might use the term ‘wasting’ – for the Autumn and Winter months… new scarves, boots and thick socks. Now that the furnace is pumping heat it’s time to prep Ryker for his baby toes to get chilly. Really… chilly! Here is what is on my ‘Winterize My Baby’ checklist for this season.

blankets & sleeping

It gets cold during the day and REALLY cold during the night. Blankets for babies are obviously essential 9 months out of the year in Canada and nothing beats cashmere against soft, pure baby skin. This Burberry baby blanket is perfect for chilling (okay, fine no pun intended) in his car seat or watching baby tv and monkey movies. I am not going to lie, I will probably snuggle this too.

burberry baby blanket x. $450 c/o neiman marcus

Up until recently, I was a big baby very nervous to give my son a blanket to sleep with in his crib at night. My mom and I were thankful we found a breathable baby blanket made out of bamboo. It has tiny holes throughout the fabric in order to create airflow in case baby gets ‘wrapped up’. Perfect considering those cold nights are here.

little bamboo blanket x. $51 c/o westcoast kids

If you aren’t ready to give your little one a blanket to sleep with at night, try these thermal sleepers. Fashionable and functional.

breckenridge thermal playsuit & sleeper x. $74 c/o neiman marcus

lotion & bath products

Noodle & Boo is my favourite baby friendly product for gentle skin. It is all hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. Hopefully, all of us mommies know better than to stay away from Johnson & Johnson. It’s important to keep those soft baby bums well, soft. With this dry Alberta winter weather an extra special touch of moisture is duly noted.

noodle & boo super soft lotion x. $16 c/o westcoast kids

The bouncing baby bubbles are fun too. I don’t know about your babies, but Ryker is a bubble bath enthusiast. 😉 Clean FUN for all.

noodle & boo bouncing baby bubbles x. $15 c/o westcoast kids

Nobody likes a cold baby just out of the bath, especially that cold baby. Somehow, I know these animal hooded towels will make our babies cuter than they already are. Personally, I love the elephant.

baby aspen hooded towel x. $40 c/o nordstrom


winter jackets

They might be babies but they still need to look cool while they are warm. Oxymoron?

canada goose baby elijah bomber x. $260 c/o holt renfrew & westcoast kids

mittens & toques

I am lucky that my son doesn’t mind hats on his head. Hates shoes, loves hats. Keeping those precious ears and fingers covered is so important, ESPECIALLY if they love to play in the snow. Typically, our days can go down to a bone chilling -30, that’s why this UGG shearling filled toque is wonderful to keep babies heads and ears covered and warm. On a warmer winter day, perhaps a Joe Fresh cotton knit toque could be more appropriate.

ugg australia knit aviator hat x. $55 c/o ugg

joe fresh knit toque x. $6 c/o joe fresh, superstore

This will be the first time my baby boy will have to wear mittens. To be honest, I don’t know if this will be a mitten battle. At least for now, I have comfort knowing they can stay attached to him and his coat with mitten clips. Now if they stay on his hands… that I am not so sure about yet. 

kula klips x. $10 c/o westcoast kids

winter booties

My son HATES wearing shoes. No frozen baby toes allowed. These Stonz booties are just what we he needs. They are an all season bootie made to be worn over shoes, slippers or socks. Thank god Ryker will wear socks. This a start, right? You can also buy liners for extra warmth and choose from various designs. They look so cute.

stonz booties x. $45 c/o westcoast kids



Last, but CERTAINLY not least. What about the winter fun? Besides making snow angels and watching my baby eat snowflakes, taking my son for sled rides I am most amped up for. I knew when I started looking that I would need one with a seatbelt otherwise we could leave him behind (he’s a squirmy dude).  It certainly isn’t the prettiest sled I have seen, but it’s been compared to a magic carpet ride. Seriously?! It has a handle on the back for pushing and a cable on the front for pulling. Very cool.

snowbaby eurosled x. $189 c/o shopwiki

I am so excited for winter walks, making snow angels, the Christmas season and Bailey’s in my coffee.  Alright, honestly I don’t discriminate seasons for drinking Bailey’s, but it is my sons first Christmas! He will probably just eat the wrapping paper and attack the Christmas tree. What are you excited for this winter?

[images c/o neiman marcus, westcoast kids]

x Courtney

  1. Very cute. Those Stonz booties are so cute! It should be fun to see your son in the snow for the first time 🙂

    • I am so excited!! I will be sure to post photos. 🙂 Aren’t the booties cute? Shopping for babies is very fun. xx

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