Paris Fashion Week – Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton is the Queen Bee. She is settling into her role as creative director for Alexander McQueen quite comfortably. Most certainly you guys, this was the show I looked forward to the most this season. That moment in 2010, when I first saw those 12 inch python armadillo shoes (if you can call them that), I became an addict. There are no doubts that this shows theatrics, originality and imagination lived up to the late Alexander McQueens incomparable fashion standard. My first runway report was on McQueen, he was a fashion genius.

The models wore hats made of thick black wire and plastic implicative to a beekeepers mask. Bees and honeycombs buzzed on the screen in the background, the tailoring is impeccable on hive inspired jacquard fabrics and meshed netting. The production went from overlay amber and gold hues, cinched metal waistbands, boustiers and armour to stunning tiered skirts and historical avante garde wide hooped evening gowns. Clearly the designer can create a sensational dress, reminiscent of the McQueen silhouette and no hinting needed, these were the Queen Bee’s of the show. Every look was complete perfection.

honeycomb inspired jacquard



tiered chiffon skirts 



dark and armoured



the queen bee




Am I the only one utterly inspired by such a powerful catwalk show? Tonight, I attend Flare Magazine’s World Runway Tour. Excited much!! Happy Thursday friends, have a wonderful turkey filled thanksgiving. 

[images c/o]

x Courtney

  1. McQueen is great! I love the beekeeper mask. Thanks for the awesome McQueen report.
    – Pravi

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