Everything Under $60 – Jewelry

Lately I have been lucky… attending lots of fun events and feeling like myself again. It feels great to have your heart fulfilled and still do what you love. Getting myself ready for these epic nights made one thing a major realization for this girl: I need more jewelry. My husband will read this and probably sweat a little, but honey you’ll be relieved to know – this is budget friendly. My trusty online browsing lead me to Etsy. I am sure most of you are already aware the rad, super cool handmade trinkets that are on this site. I am in love! I wanted to share some of the pieces I adored and my husband bank account adores too.

Collars are fun neck pieces this Autumn. Some you’ll find made of leather, fabric, feathers, pearls and jewelry. They are an easy way to dress up plain t-shirts and button downs. I really like this gold collar. I found this for a crazy steal at $28.

etsy shop x. francis frank

This edgy dagger, cross neck piece blows my mind. I’ll take two. $28 bucks – seriously.

etsy shop x. francis frank

Stackable bangels and bracelets are one of the ways I accessorize most often. These rope bracelets caught my attention. The more, the merrier. $52 for the set.

etsy shop x. maslinda

When it comes to sunglasses and accessories, the bigger, the better. This oversized ring and it’s matching collar are perfect partners in crime for this season. $30 for the cocktail ring and $59 for the matching collar. A match made in heaven perhaps.

etsy shop x. studio leanne

I hardly EVER wear earrings. I have no idea why. These I’ll wear, so cool. Not to mention they are made out of real cherry wood, cool and handy. $25 for the Honeycombs. The earrings – not the cereal.

etsy shop x. poiesis design

Pretty sure hell would freeze over before I convinced my husband to wear one of these uni-sex collar tips, I probably wouldn’t try very hard either. BUT, I enjoy them for us ladies. A cool way to add some personality into a dull button down shirt. $20.

etsy shop x. francis frank

I highly recommend checking out Francis Frank on Etsy, the other items are just as edgy and modern. What are some of your favourite Etsy shops?

[images c/o etsy.com]

x Courtney


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