Monkey Bibs & Jewelry

I have a really wonderful father who also happens to be a very fashionable man. He has more designer jeans than I do and one hell of a sock collection filled with Marc Jacobs and Diesel. On a recent golf trip south to Phoenix, we were reminded that he always loves to spoil the ones he loves. My son was spoiled with monkey-everything and my mom and I with jewelry. I wanted to share something really special and beautiful that he chose.


Misaki pearls and matching earrings?!? Best dad ever. These are contemporary cultured pearls, meaning they are given just the right TLC to become the perfect pearl. Pearls are an obvious classic item that every fashion addict should own.



So, obviously I checked out the Misaki website. Their pearl jewelry is absolutely amazing. Every piece is designed beautifully and made to stay looking modern and cool. Check this skull & dagger pearl necklace that I am obsessed with now – GLAM ROCK at it’s finest!

I simple can not wait to wear these charming gems. Thanks daddio. ❤

x Courtney

  1. That dagger necklace is killer. Your dad definitely has good eye for stylish pearls.
    – Pravi

    • He sure does 🙂 The necklace is awesome, their other jewelry is amazing too. Some really great pearl rings! Worth the investment 😉

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