I’m Pretty | Thanks LUX

Every fashion addict mommy has at least one person that they LOVE to shop with, mine is my mom. We went on an awesome haul this weekend at one of #YEG’s best beauty boutiques – LUX. If you are just getting to know me, you’ll find that I love to share all of the great beauty products that I use, so that you can smell AND feel just as fabulous as I do. Or so I think I do.

I live in Alberta, the driest province in Canada. I need moisture… and stat. For my hands, I love for them to stay soft and smell like cupcakes so it’s Farmhouse Fresh ‘Whoopie’ cream for me. I get compliments from strangers on how delicious I am smell. For the rest of this bod, I live by Love&Toast all over body lotion in Clementine Crush. Just the right boost of citrus in my day. Yum.

farmhouse fresh whoopie cream x. $20
love&toast body lotion x. $15

It goes without saying Butter London is fabulous nail polish. Just in time for fall, I picked up this glitter green shade, Wallis. Smooches for my husby stay soft with my Tokyo Milk lip balm. AMAZE.

butter london x. $18
tokyo milk lip balm x. $11

Previous posts already give away one of my dirty secrets. I might be slightly obsessed with John. John Masters that is. Body wash, shampoo, lotion – you name it, I use it. He makes me smell fabulous after a shower.

john masters body wash x. $29

If I could choose one thing to clean and refresh my face with, it would definitely be CASHMERE. No lie, these bamboo wipes are made with cashmere and soaked in vitamins. One of my favourite mommy-on-the-go beauty must haves.

kaia bamboo wipes x. $18

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

x Courtney

  1. I love shopping with my mom too! We are very close and always have a great time 🙂
    All lovely picks! This John Masters body wash is delectable! I need to repurchase it! I’ve never seen those while but the sound very nice

    • Moms are definitely the best shopping partners!! The great thing with mine is that we share the same shoe size too 😉 xx

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