Always Feeling Fresh

Being a new mom to a 7 month old can get really crazy. They always say, “sleep when he sleeps“. If they only knew those million and one things you have to accomplish while he’s asleep. Sleep? What’s that?

There isn’t much time for makeup and primping these days, 24/7 seems I am watching my son to make sure he doesn’t climb our book shelf or try to eat the cords attached to the dvd player. I wanted to share the products that I love and use on almost a daily basis. Without much time, I still need to feel fresh and look youthful and energetic. These are my go-to goods. 🙂

I was unlucky blessed enough to have a ‘Farrah Fawcett’ do’. Seriously? Alot of the time I don’t have the typical hour-ish that it takes to blowdry and straighten my hair. FRIZZ QUEEN right here!! I swear by the Moroccan Oil Series. The hairspray smells really pleasant.

  • moroccan oil x. $19-39
  • moroccan hairspray x. $19-39

At my age, I really wish that I had started taking better care of my skin at an earlier age. The most important lesson I have learned within beauty products is that you get what you pay for.I used to be a big fan of Mario Badescu but then I was given a Dior facial toner as a gift. Ever since – I’m hooked. If I had to choose one makeup item to wear out of the house I would always choose mascara – the best way to re-open those tired eyes.

  • dior instant gentle xxfoliant x. $49
  • dior show mascara x. $30
  • dior cleansing water x. $45

I think almost everyone has a friend that gives the BEST gifts. One of my dearest friends finds really beautiful beauty products and gave this body butter by LOVE&TOAST to me.  It feels like velvet against my fingertips. AMAZING.

  • LOVE&TOAST body butter x. $20

I love glossy lips. Any tired mommy still needs to look kissable. Lipstick/gloss is my only way to accentuate my lips and I always have at least one kind in my diaper bag at a time. One of my main missions in life is to find a beautiful NON-sticky lipgloss. I still find the Stila brand quite sticky, but it’s always true to it’s colour when applied. BUTTER London is another gift from my fab friend – love the red lip. Can’t wait for a plum lip this fall.

  • butter london lipstick x. $25
  • stila lipgloss x. $20

What would my eyelashes be without an eyelash curler? No-vavavoom Enough said.

  • sephora eyelash curler x. $25

I have an entire glam set of evening-out products. Next date night, I’ll share.

x Courtney

1 comment
  1. Great picks! I love that Dior Mascara and am always happy to come across a new body butter recommendation 🙂
    Moroccanoil is a savior and John Masters body wash!! Yum!

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