Brown Paper Bags

Hi! Ever heard of the saying when someone is unattractive they should put a ‘brown paper bag over their head?’ As unpleasant or mean as that sounds, it might be a compliment if they consider Jil Sander’s new A/W 12 menswear accessory – the ‘Vasari’ bag. The ‘Vasari’ bag or the ‘Worlds most expensive paper bag’, whichever you prefer.

100% coated paper & stitched seams

Retailing at $235, it’s not the paper bag price that makes this outrageous murse far from reach… it’s the fact that it’s entirely sold out worldwide that could keep my Ryker baby from being the coolest kid in the lunchroom one day. Or my husband… now.

If you’re feeling really ridiculous, there is even a black leather version available for a mere $625. To speak frankly, this goes to show how shallow flamboyant the fashion industry and it’s consumers can be. Literally, you can put a fashion label on ANYTHING and people will buy it.

I wonder what’s next… designer toilet paper?!

x Courtney

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