Strollin’ in style.

My mommy life came quickly but with it I reminded myself that I needed to sustain my “identity” and style, because there was someone new coming into my life and soon it was going to be all about me him.

Fashion forward mommies need a few essential pieces to be functional and stay looking cool. Infant strollers are a very important item – how else will you and baby puruze the mall? The funny thing is, I had my eyes on one long before I found out a Ryker baby would be born.

Bugaboo is a modern product line for baby transport. In 2008, they collabed with Marc Jacobs to create a limited edition stroller. Marc must have set the tone, since then they’ve teamed up with Paul Frank, Missoni and just recently a fav fashion duo of mine, Viktor & Rolf.

Clearly, I needed the Missoni. I love the patterned blanket it came with.

missoni stroller x. $900

THANKFULLY for us fashion addict mommies, there are other top fashion brands that offer signature design strollers.

Rome-based fashion house Fendi designed a stroller featuring the brand’s iconic “F” logo and with a colour palette comprising cream, mahogany and blue. The wheels are way to bulky and short-bus looking in my opinion, but whatever floats your boat. 

fendi stroller

fendi stroller x. $1600

Take your little dude for an easy, smooth ride in luxury automaker Porsche’s newly designed P’4911 stroller. For those bumpy rides – it’s got a seatbelt. Its constructed with carbon fibre and leather. Now there’s a Porsche I think I could ask my husband to buy.

porsche stroller x. $TBD

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE animal print, especially leopard (that’s right – tacky leopard people). Could this be why I love Roberto Cavalli’s stroller line, Baby Safari? Heck yes; launched in 2009 it’s SO cute… Snooki?

roberto cavalli ‘baby safari’ stroller x. $850

Finally, Viktor & Rolf’s ‘my first car’ stroller specifically designed for the Bugaboo chameleon. Did they mean ‘my first hurse’? This stroller is incredibly dull to look at, the gun metal grey colour is drab and it reminds me of something Mortisha would push from the Addams Family. BUT I do love the V&R emblem (licence plate) on the front, beauty.

viktor & rolf stroller x. $1600

Time for a stroll… happy hump day.

x Courtney

  1. heidihuxley said:

    Your blog is highly entertaining!! 🙂 absolutely love the little humorous cross outs! U look FAB as well. Def going with the viktor & rolf stroller 🙂 the boys can always hold the nappy bags, seeing as there is no little compartment below it 🙂

    • Thanks darling! 🙂 absolutely love all of your DIYs! Xx great blog

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