So It Begins

Actually, my fashion journey begun along time ago… then a Ryker baby was born. Pretty quickly I found out that things come up in life and what you once considered priorities & plans suddenly become put ‘on hold’. Not long after graduating from my Fashion Marketing & Management diploma program I became, well, fashionably pregnant – or so I thought. As my clothes got bigger, my style got… comfier.

I know… you I shutter.

This baby mama is back in action. Once I realized I was making a common mistake, believing that as long as I had my big sunglasses on, I could prance around in sweat pants and my husbands work hoodies happily (and publicly – mind you) because I was pregnant. Let’s just call it, “I’m having a baby/ had a baby fashion faux pas syndrome”. It’s okay, it happens.

PRIDE ALERT: Toting around a 7 month old CAN mean looking great and feeling sorta young again. Ryker made me a mom, DUH – it didn’t make me fashionably asphyxiated. That meant trading in the sweats for the skinnies and buttoning-up with marvelous jewellery . When we look good, we feel good. Isn’t that the truth.

This didn’t stop me from shopping – I can’t wait to share my favourite outfits, brilliant products that I love, my thoughts on fashion news – some would say better left unsaid and most importantly : mommy life in heels.

Enjoy! This could get messy.

x Courtney


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